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(original) Aunt Wang handmade art – tourism Sohu (original) Wang handmade art 0 gentleman Handmade Ya is a kind of art, has a deep cultural heritage, different nations in different regions, people use local materials, with different materials, through their own hands to create a beautiful works. Due to different ethnic, social history, customs, geographical environment, the different aesthetic point of view, local handicrafts with different style, fully show Chinese handmade art style. In Luoyang, met an Aunt Wang, she is not only hardworking and simple, kind-hearted people, energetic, cheerful, and 88 years old, eyesight, hearing and often cook their own laundry, enjoyable. Most people admire is she doing a good work, but also make a lot of ingenuity, dazzling small crafts. Aunt Wang called Wang Ying, Li Lou Zhen Luolong District of Luoyang City, she said that when she was young with a lot of pain, but she has not been forced to life by down, often happy, she said. The mentality of a person, no matter what, the heart must put it down. In addition, there must be good, can not hold a grudge, should be grateful to others in return. Speaking of her skills, she said when I was with my mother secretly learned. When a child strict tutor, he did not go to school, and less contact with the outside, are spinning at night when secretly learning. But she has a good memory, gifted, see what things can remember, remember to learn a. Later, she saw her mother to learn what to do like what, they took the initiative to teach her, and she learned from the side of the mother, while also learning from life, to see what kind of birds, animals, ah, what a funny picture, secretly recorded. Over time, those pictures on the formation of their own rich material. She not only with this kind of pattern in the paper-cut, but also make interesting dolls and many different ornaments and accessories, as well as children wear clothes and shoes, it was when Steamed Buns steamed or steamed cake, also do all kinds of festive colors, full of a riot of colours. Handicraft art is a kind of folk art that combines practicality and aesthetics. The village people know that she has this technology, there are a lot of people come to look for her, whether it is the old man and woman less, as long as people come to the door, she enthusiastically for others to do. Some people get married or have a big thing in the home, but also ask her to cut paper or do anything hanging on the wall. Sometimes she also uses people discarded scrap, make many small crafts variety, very popular with local neighbours like. In fact, it is very time consuming a lot of effort, sometimes you are not satisfied with a few times to do, not only take the effort to take the material, but she never said tired refuse to take any payment for. Now the king aunt still retains the habits and hobbies, having a rest, she’ll be sitting there to be absorbed in painting a picture, take a look, and then get the materials ready, kneading clay ah, cut a red paper, do auspicious tree ah, sometimes people ask her to do for children take the clothes ah, she sometimes sit most of the day.相关的主题文章: