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Health People with asthma often think that they are different from the other and cut off themselves from the normal fun and excitement of life. If you have asthma, look at it as just another challenge of life. Since it is not your fault that you have this disorder, you do not have to be embarrassed for being an asthma patient. There is no cure for Asthma but it can be controlled if addressed properly and an effective asthma management program can enhance a person’s quality of life to a considerable extent. If adequately controlled, the children born with asthma can live a normal life and if controlled in adequate manner, it does not stop your child even pursuing his career in sports. An effective asthma management plan starts with understanding the major aspects of this disease, how to avoid the causes that trigger off the Asthma attack and what to do in an emergency situation. It is a disease commonly found in the kids, teens as well as in the adults. The air passages in our lung are made up of thousands of tiny tubes that perform the duty of bringing the air in and out of the lungs. Asthma is actually the condition in which these the air passages in the lungs are affected causing the airways of lungs becoming tightened and the lungs do not receive enough air to breath. There are many factors that encourage the asthma symptoms. These factors are called triggers’. When the patient is exposed to a trigger, the air passages respond in a negative way to become narrower, swollen or inflamed. These results in the obstruction of air flow through the lungs; this leads to the difficulties of breathing. Some common causes for asthma attack are found right at your home like the mold and dust mites. Many children develop inflammation in air passage due to contact with cats and dogs hairs or even cockroaches. Air pollution and passive smoking are two of the most important triggers of asthma both in children and adults. Many people also develop allergy from foods, respiratory infections and exercise. As said earlier, an effective action plan will help you to live a normal life in spite of asthma. Try the tips to make your own asthma management plan. Take the consultation from your physician Learn from your doctor what the best ways to control and prevent asthma are. Bronchodilators and steroids are the common medication used for controlling asthma learn from your doctor, which the best medication in your case is. Also avoid triggers. Learn the preventive steps when you are feeling that an attack is coming. Do not make the mistake of abandoning the asthma management tools like daily preventive medicines and peak flow meters if you go fine foe a continued span of time. Also go for regular lung check up. Thus learn how to win over asthma and do not let it dominate over your life. Give up smoking The smokes of cigarette, pipe, or cigar are the most harmful triggers that aggravate the flair of asthma in you. So giving up smoking is the best solution for avoiding asthma attack. Gain Control over your environment Keep your home clean and dust free. Take extra care to break molds and mildews. Also avoid pets. Passive smoking may lead to inflammation of air passage, so try to keep away from the smokes breathed out by a smoker. Suitable exercise You are an asthma patient, it does not mean that you can not do any physical exercise. Yoga and swimming are two exercises absolutely suitable for asthma patients. Thus following an asthma action plan you can stay active and healthy and participate in the normal goings on of life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: