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Email-Marketing Effective email marketing campaign is a beneficial technique to promote the business of an organization. The main aim of conducting an electronic mail campaign is to initiate business with the customers. A marketer aims at alluring and bringing prospective customers to the organization. It is conducted to increase the sales of the organization. Another vital purpose is to promote and establish the brand image of an enterprise through Internet. Email advertising can be made memorable and impressive for the customer when it is used and carried appropriately and effectively. The first and foremost point is to prepare a reliable and authentic opt-in list. Many marketers simply collect the email addresses of their prospective customers from several websites, online directories and other records. You may call it a list of your potential customers but it is difficult to find out who will be really interested in receiving your mails. Therefore, it is beneficial to opt for permission based email lists. This list contains names and mail addresses of all those who have signed for receiving mails of specific interest. Second point that you should keep in mind is the content of the messages. Preparing a message which is filled with graphics and flash does not make the product so appealing for the reader. Everyone wants to know the benefit received from the offer. The offer of products and services should emancipate the lives of the people. A customer gets convinced when he realizes that a product or service offered is affordable and advantageous. Therefore, you should focus on the benefits of the products and not begin the message by explaining its features. Avoid the use of a lot of graphics and images. Your message should include more of useful textual information rather than images. A reader wants to know what is in store for him rather than reading simply the laurels of the company. The mails with a lot of pictures also appear an unsolicited one. These are a few factors to be considered while preparing an electronic mail campaign. If you carry such bulk email marketing campaign effectively, you can derive fruitful results for your company. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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TITLE: Justin Bieber Will Enjoy A Long, Prosperous Career KEYWORDS: justin bieber, bieber, career, success, intelligence, pop music ARTICLE: The media tends to dismiss Justin Bieber as a "tween heartthrob" singing throw-away lyrics in a high-pitched voice that will deteriorate as he matures. They couldn’t be more wrong. Justin Bieber is here to stay. Barring any tragedies, he will enjoy a long, influential career. Here’s why: 1) Justin Bieber is intelligent. Sure, he’s probably not an academic genius but one needs only an average to above average traditional IQ to succeed as a musician, singer, or actor. And I suspect his "academic intelligence" (as measured by traditional IQ tests) is probably above average anyway. In addition to traditional IQ, which measures vocabulary, mathematical skills, spatial reasoning, processing speed, and the like ("academic intelligence"), Justin also enjoys exceptional "rhythmic/musical" and "interpersonal/emotional" intelligences. Justin’s musical intelligence is evident in his ability to not only sing on key but also his skill on the drums, piano, and guitar. He wasn’t forced into music lessons by his parents. Rather he was internally driven to perform and understand music from the age of two. His mother, to her credit, accommodated his interests, despite a limited budget as a single mom in public housing. This is a guy who has music in his bones. Justin also possesses an innate ability to understand his own emotions and harness them toward achievement of a goal. Of course, I’m speculating here since I don’t know him personally but based on all I’ve read and watched, Justin appears to possess a high degree of self-awareness and emotional self-regulation. Although the concept of "emotional intelligence" is highly debated in academia, I doubt many would argue that it’s not an asset to possess personality traits such as agreeableness, extroversion, openness, and conscientiousness, all of which Justin exhibits. Justin Bieber also perceives and understands other people very well. This "interpersonal intelligence" is a significant asset for a person whose success relies in large part on his ability to relate to the public, particularly to his fans. Justin demonstrates this intelligence in the strong relationship he has developed with his fans via YouTube and Twitter. It’s no accident that his name is one of the top trending topics on Twitter almost every day. His interpersonal intelligence will also help Justin to anticipate, understand, and respond to his fans’ emerging maturity as they age along with him. In other words, as Justin’s pre-teen and teen fan base grows up, he will be growing up with them and appreciating, for example, his fans’ increasing capacity for more complexity, nuance, and variety in his song writing and performances. 2) Justin Bieber magnetically attracts and appeals to a cross-section of people. A great early example of this appeal was his ability to earn $3000 busking at the age of 12. How many 12-year-old kids can sit in a public area playing the guitar and singing and earn $3000 in donations? Of course, his summer-time performances in Stratford, Ontario also speak to his discipline and determination, two traits essential to long-term success. While there’s no doubt that Justin’s strongest appeal is with pre-teen and teenage girls, it’s a mistake to assume that his music doesn’t appeal to boys and adults. There are a number of boys on Twitter who follow Justin and participate in discussions about him (most of them declare "I’M NOT GAY" in their profiles, which speaks to why so many boys who like Justin’s music won’t admit it). A recent poll on PopEater.com revealed that over half of the website visitors who said they "Can’t get enough" of Justin’s music were over age 18–with one quarter of the respondents being over 40. I suspect that there are a large number of "silent fans" of Justin Bieber who purchase his songs or albums, enjoy listening to his music, but are simply not very vocal about their appreciation of him. The article in which that poll appeared highlighted the appeal of Justin’s music to mothers. Or, as adroitly put by a teen girl on Twitter: JBieberLoviees: jtlyk [just to let you know]: my mother loves @justinbieber. she just won’t admit it. mom, when i catch u singin "u smile" its time to just admit it. u blew ur cover. 3) Justin has chosen to associate with strong role models, notably Usher and Scooter Braun (and, of course, his parents), and to accumulate an entourage of smart, successful, and supportive people. Scooter Braun deserves a good deal of the credit for helping Justin and his mother navigate the treacherous waters of labels, contracts, and publicity and for recruiting a team of advisers and supporting staff for the young star. Nonetheless, let’s not forget that it’s up to Justin to work with his team effectively, which from all reports it appears he does. The old saying, "We are who we associate with" applies to Justin. In other words, he has accepted his mother’s, Mr. Braun’s and others’ advice to associate with good people. People, such as Usher, who provide the social modeling, emotional support, guidance, and caring that almost all successful people need. 4) Justin understands the current trans-media environment and he utilizes it quite effectively. He has a strong narrative, which he articulates often, e.g., "To come from a small town in Canada, post some videos on YouTube, and achieve this kind of success is a blessing". 5) Justin is competitive. He’s one of those boys, that we all know from our childhood and adolescence, who is constantly challenging himself to learn and conquer new skills and excel at a new game. Whether it’s basketball, skateboarding, golf, bowling, or a half dozen other athletic and skill-based pursuits, Justin Bieber plays to win. This is not a guy who gives up when the going gets tough. He just works harder. 6) Justin Bieber has poise, in particular with regard to this definition of the word: "a dignified, self-confident manner or bearing; composure; self-possession: to show poise in company." (.dictionary.reference../browse/poise) You need only watch him interacting with adults on television shows such as Chelsea Lately, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ellen, and The View to see how self-contained, self-confident, and prepared for almost anything is Justin Bieber. Conclusion Justin Bieber’s intelligence (intellectual, musical, emotional, and interpersonal), universal appeal, strong social support, media savvy, .petitiveness, and poise all suggest that he will enjoy a long and prosperous career as a singer, musician, songwriter–and perhaps more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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College-University Did you know that you can sit a dyslexia test online? If you didnt then you are not alone. Many people assume that the internet is for social networking, online banking and shopping. However the internet is valuable for so much more and help with dyslexia is just one of the very important issues that it can help with. Lots of people suffer with dyslexia and they may not even know it. The truth is that schools in the past havent always been the best at asking a child to sit a dyslexia test and therefore the problem goes undiagnosed. Dyslexia can manifest itself in many different ways and if undiagnosed can leave a person feeling stupid and unconfident. People often suffer in silence with this illness because they assume that they cannot read rather than thinking that there may be an underlying reason for this. The truth is that there are many different reasons why a person may have trouble with reading and so you should not just assume that it is something that you have to put up with. Rather than having to go out of your way to arrange a dyslexia test or to get diagnosed you could look at sitting an online dyslexia test. There are a number of merits to sitting one of these tests online, including the fact that they are easy and hassle free to arrange. As you can do it from your own home you also feel less pressure and therefore free more .fortable when it .es to actually sitting the test. It can be easy to think that you are muddling along just fine and simply put up with the way things are. However there is no need for it to be like this because there are methods you can use in order to improve your life; however you can do this until you get diagnosed with what the actual problem is. If you have a child that is having problems with reading then it may be wise to ask them to sit a dyslexia test online. It is easy to think that it is their schools responsibility to look into this and arrange this if needed. However remember that your child is probably just one of many and so it is quite easy for them to be overlooked or lost in the system. By getting them to sit a dyslexia test online you can see what the problem is and present this evidence to the school before you insist that they do something. Your child life at school will not be easy if they are unable to read and keep up with school work. This is often a slippery slope and something that you really want to avoid at all costs. So dont delay have a look at arranging a dyslexia test as soon as you can because the quicker you find out what the problem is the quicker you can reach a solution. 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