Parents pick up section 170 fraud phone you will receive the child’s

The parents of the students by section 170 telephone fraud: you will receive the child finger original title: junior class parents pick up a call that someone want to buy children | 7 legs section 170 fraud had leakage of personal information before the Shandong Linyi a man going into college girl Xu Yuyu, suffered telephone fraud, cheated 9900 yuan tuition light. Xu Yuyu on the way home to report a sudden cardiac arrest, unfortunately died. Deep reading (WeChat ID:shenduzhongguo) learned from the national court system, according to incomplete statistics, since November 2015, has accepted the use of section 170 of the implementation of crime cases 7. Criminals are the first to buy personal information of citizens, and then according to the different objects of fraud, fabricate different reasons for fraud, the crime is more accurate". 7 case of fraud are the same way in advance to buy citizen information since November 2015, less than a year’s time, section 170 of the criminal cases involving the national court has concluded a total of 7, involving the Rugao City People’s Court of Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang province people’s Court of Ling’an City, Shangcai Province Henan County People’s court, Longyan Fujian city Xinluo District People’s court, Anxi County People’s Court of Fujian Province, Henan province people’s court, Beijing City People’s Court of Dongcheng District. After a reporter combing, in these 7 cases, including 5 cases, the defendant posing as the identity of the staff of the administrative department, the fire brigade cadres, enterprises and institutions, the victim lied to provide persons with disabilities subsidies, grants, awards Car Buying to participate in business activities, money fraud. The other 2 cases, the defendant is in the process of kidnapping, contact with blackmail and impose exactions on in section 170, mobile phone number and the families of the victims, to extort money. It is worth noting that the 7 case, the defendant of criminal activities in the same process, are early access to personal information of citizens through illegal means, grasp the specific circumstances of citizens, according to different objects, different crimes. Deep reading (WeChat ID:shenduzhongguo) through 7 cases found in the verdict, in these cases, the defendant is responsible for the first collection of personal information of citizens, in order to prepare the defendant for the crime. For example, Rugao province people’s Court of Jiangsu city (2016) at the beginning of 14, Su 0682 criminal verdict records, in the investigation of the defendant Dengmou, Deng Mouyan, et al. Section of fraud, public security bureau network security brigade from 7 emails a printout of the defendant Hwang with QQ mail inbox, which are the victim’s information. The rest of the gang and then provide personal information through Hwang, telephone fraud. Zhejiang Province, Ling’an City People’s court verdict, the fraud trial of Zheng Jianjun et al, the transfer of hard disk detection data, a large number of Excel tables and text documents, × × × or × patients; the treatment of relevant information. Zheng Jianjun confession, the operator will provide personal information of citizens to hire fraud. Longyan City, Xinluo province people’s court sentenced the record, the public security organs seized from the defendant Jiang Guixiang 14 &tim Peng相关的主题文章: