Park South Korea will let North Korea know that the collapse of the regime toward nuclear

Park: South Korea will let North Korea know that the collapse of the regime toward nuclear generals 16 days, at the train station in Seoul, South Korean soldiers walk from playing Park congress speech in front of the television screen. The 16 day is the highest before the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s birthday, "a day", South Korean President Park Geun hye is chosen in this day on the Peninsula: unprecedented tough speech: South Korea must let North Korea know that nuclear weapons can only make a collapse of the regime." South Korea’s "financial news" commented that the park Geun hye’s speech showed "South Korean policy toward the tone has changed from the past into the dialogue and cooperation sanctions;" New York Times "oppression" said South Korean leaders clearly mention North Korea regime change in this topic, the deteriorating relations between the two countries under the background of "extraordinary"; "news weekly" South Korea believes that Pu Jinhui’s speech "to start from President Kim Dae-jung’s sunshine policy officially halted". 16, the United States "North Carolina" nuclear powered submarine into the South Korean port of Busan next month, the U.S. military will send "Stennis" nuclear powered aircraft carrier to participate in the Korea US joint military exercises, and flew over the Northeast Asia B-52 strategic bombers, Russia’s "Pravda online" says, the United States in the North Korean border deployment of nuclear weapons "three piece". Chinese Strategic Culture Association executive vice president Luo of the "Global Times" said that although these movements are more like to bluff, toward the strategic deterrent, but in the face of the deterioration of the situation on the peninsula, China "need to have some counter measures".

朴槿惠:韩国一定让朝鲜知道核武将使朝政权崩溃 16日,在首尔火车站内,韩国士兵从正在播放朴槿惠国会演讲的电视屏幕前走过。   16日是朝鲜已故前最高领导人金正日的诞辰日——“光明星节”,韩国总统朴槿惠恰恰选在这一天就半岛局势发表空前强硬的演说:“韩国一定要让朝鲜知道,核武器只能促使朝鲜政权崩溃。”   韩国《金融新闻》评论称,朴槿惠的演讲显示“韩国的对朝政策基调发生了变化,从过去的对话合作变为制裁压迫”;《纽约时报》称,韩国领导人明确提及朝鲜政权更迭的话题,这在两国关系日益恶化的背景下“非比寻常”;韩国《时事周刊》则认为,朴槿惠此次演说“为从金大中总统开始的阳光政策正式画上了休止符”。   16日,美国“北卡罗来纳”号核动力潜艇驶入韩国釜山港,下月美军将派遣“斯坦尼斯”号核动力航空母舰参加韩美联合演习,加上已经飞抵东北亚上空的B-52战略轰炸机,俄罗斯“真理报在线”戏称,美国在朝鲜边境部署了“核武三件套”。   中国战略文化促进会常务副会长罗援对《环球时报》说,虽然美韩这些动作更像是虚张声势,意在对朝战略威慑,但面对半岛局势的恶化,中国“需要有一些反制措施”。相关的主题文章: