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Is the hourly worker qualified? Shanghai will introduce domestic service industry standards for reference, Shanghai home service industry will soon have industry standards. In September 27th, surging news reporter from the Shanghai Municipal Women’s Federation was informed that the 68 Shanghai domestic service industry standards including home care, maternal and child care, cleaning, has this year in Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of the project, including the domestic institutions management standards and technical standards of domestic service skills, will be released on October 15th and in the domestic part of pre trial company. After discussion and improvement, the final version of the standard will be issued by the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision department. At the end of 2012, Shanghai began to implement the household registration system, up to now has registered a total of 210750 registered domestic workers. Domestic companies which innumerable, be assured? Is there any charge standard for housekeeping? The cleaners broke the valuables. Should the domestic company pay for the cleaners or the cleaners? Such problems make many people sigh, it is difficult to find a satisfactory housekeeping. In September 27th, the Shanghai Municipal Women’s Federation announced that the 68 Shanghai home service industry standards in the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of the project, including the domestic institutions management standards and technical standards of domestic service skills, focused public attention to maternal and child care, home care and cleaning etc.. For example, Shanghai city women’s Federation minister Gu Xiujuan children’s family, in the service skills of the technical standards of the "home care practices", from the evening to the nursing psychological nursing and nursing of disease, and then to full-time and part-time nursing standard, remarkable refinement. In the maternal specification, pregnant women, maternal and infant care labels are respectively arranged corresponding to the "housekeeping personnel for the nursing object, should be carefully treated, the morning sun, afternoon to sleep so long, with standard, they can give scientific guidance. Employers can use these standards to judge the quality of housekeeping services, and at the same time, housekeeping can improve or improve their work." In addition, the standard also protects the rights and interests of domestic residents to a certain extent. In the past, many domestic librarians were puzzled, such as being hired as mother and child care workers, but employers often asked her to do the cleaning work. Whether or not to do and how to do it, both sides are not clear." In addition to the development of industry standards, Shanghai women’s Federation will issue an industry guidance price every quarter. City Federation introduced in Shanghai city and Social Council under the guidance, in accordance with the 8 major domestic jobs, according to the regional interception within the time specified in the specified service trades and the actual service price, selected by the domestic enterprises to submit the monthly price list; the domestic service industry associations with housekeeping skills, age, Business Hours etc. the factors were summarized and analyzed, once per quarter the average price, "the public can query in the women’s Federation and the official website of Shanghai domestic public service network platform." Gu Xiujuan said. Housekeeping industry reflection: how to protect the rights and interests of the two hours? This video is just for extension. Move your fingers and check the traffic violations at any time! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

钟点工合格吗?上海将出台家政服务行业标准供参照 上海的家政服务业即将有行业标准。9月27日,澎湃新闻记者从上海市妇联获悉,包括居家养老、母婴护理、保洁等在内的68个上海家政服务行业标准已经于今年在上海市质监局立项,其中包括家政机构管理标准和家政服务技能技术标准,将于10月15日预发布,并在部分家政公司试行。经过讨论完善,标准的最终版本将由上海市质监部门发布。2012年年底,上海开始推行家政员登记注册制,截至目前已经累计登记注册家政员达210750人。家政公司多如牛毛,哪家放心?请家政有没有收费标准?保洁员把贵重物品弄坏了,该找家政公司赔还是找保洁员赔?诸如此类的问题让不少市民感叹找个称心的家政员很难。9月27日,上海市妇联发布消息,68个上海家政服务行业标准已在上海市质监局立项,包括家政机构管理标准和家政服务技能技术标准,聚焦市民普遍关注的母婴护理、居家养老以及保洁等领域。上海市妇联家庭儿童部部长顾秀娟举例,在服务技能技术标准的“居家养老操作规范”中,从日晚间护理到心理护理与疾病护理,再到全日制与钟点制护理,标准细化程度可见一斑。而在母婴规范中,孕妇、产妇以及婴儿均分别设置对应的护理标注,“家政人员针对护理对象,应该细致地对待,早上要晒太阳,下午要睡多长时间等等,有了标准,可以给他们科学的指导。雇主可以通过这些标准评判家政员的服务质量,同时,家政员能借此提升或改进自己的工作。”另外,标准也在一定程度上“保护”了家政员的权益。“以往很多家政员困惑,比如只是被聘请做母婴护理员,但往往雇主也会让她做保洁工作。究竟该不该做、怎么做,双方都说不清楚。”除了制定行业标准,上海市妇联每季度还会发布一次行业指导价。市妇联介绍,在上海市人社局的指导下,按照家政8类主要工种,按区域在规定时间内截取规定服务工种和实际服务价位,由选定的家政企业每月提交价位表;再由市家政服务行业协会结合家政员的技能、年龄、服务时间等因素进行汇总、分析,每季度推出一次全市平均价,“市民可以在妇联官网以及上海家政公共服务网等平台查询。”顾秀娟说。 家政行业反思:钟点工上门 如何保障双方权益? (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: