Perry Rogers, Exploring Better Opportunities With Venture Management-e2140

Tennis Perry Rogers is known for his negotiating ability, and this has been so vital for shaping his career. Rogers has garnered enough reputation as a shrewd business manager to have ac.plished many successful ventures for his clients. His career started with tennis legend Andre Agassi who also happened to be his childhood friend. Perry was quick at managing the day-to-day affairs of the tennis star, including his endorsement and tour activities. Perry Rogers was hardly 25 when he successfully negotiated the famous Nike endorsement deal for Andre for a whopping $120 million for a period of 10-years. This was the most successful and talked about deal that Perry handled single handedly. Perry Rogers later moved on to make a place of his own and to be associated with other sports personalities. This led to his starting Venture Management, a full-service Sports Management .pany in the year 2008. Perry Rogers initiated this novel idea to where he could showcase his negotiating talent and benefit his clients. The mission was to provide the highest quality of demonstration and attention to each clients affair. Venture Management is .mitted to managing clients career and maintaining their inheritance in the world of sports, business and entertainment. Perry Rogers in his capacity served as the president of Venture Management wants to make a difference. The .pany wants to explore better opportunities in achieving goals of their clients. Perry Rogers is now associated with Shaquille ONeal, Shane Victorino, Todd Wilbur, and Chris Fowler. Venture Management under Perry Rogers leadership secured endorsement deals worth $50 million for Shaquille. Later he went on to win another deal with for Shaq worth $2.8 million with the Celtics and even produced the famous reality TV show Shaq Vs. Perry Rogers an Accounting graduated from Ge.etown University and then law degree holder from University of Arizona is today a most sought after business manager, all this credibility is sure to take this man places. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: