Photography enthusiasts welfare 5 steps to teach you to shoot nude 3D blockbuster roxane hayward

Photography enthusiasts welfare: 5 steps to teach you to shoot there naked eye 3D large Photoshop for non professional photographers can easily create a confused eye effect, Charlie Kitchen is hoping to draw a line with these little tricks. He is a conservative, build squandering charming eyes pictures by excellent photography and camera. Kitchen from Texas with a large format camera and some template will be able to create the so-called naked eye 3D effects. It takes a few days for each shot. "I’m always going to devote a lot of time to everything I do — even when it’s too much." He said. Three years ago, in contact with large format photography, he began to study the effect of naked eye 3D. Kitchen enjoyed the time spent on the focus lens, the frame and the exposure photos. But he wants to do more, Hannah Whitaker experimental lens collage image gives him new inspiration. "There are a lot of things that can be changed in the process of photography, even as the medium itself is relatively not yet developed." He said. It took 18 months for Kitchen to hone his photography skills and spend countless films. The first use of the Google sketch master 3D model to find the required template shape, and then cut out the black paper. Kitchen used to bring a tripod with three View G Dongyang 4× 5 were in the vicinity of the camera’s residence in Sanantonio. He will keep the template film clip is inserted, and press the shutter. Then another template, slightly mobile camera, press the shutter, exposure of a single piece of film. He will again and again to repeat this process for 1 hours, creating a picture as is seen in the landscape in a mirror. There is no need for Photoshop. Source: Wired Author: Laura Mallonee translation: Yin Xiaolin相关的主题文章: