Please note that your car is in urgent need of the winter fashion models jiqingwuyuetian

Please note that your car is in urgent need of the "winter fashion" flowers in spring and autumn months, the summer there are cool winter snow. In the seasons, as summer goes and winter comes, the environment changes, we should put on different clothes of heat and cold. With the change of seasons and the complexity of the road, how to deal with your car? Tire has seasons in the seasons, in the use and maintenance of vehicles, there will be a corresponding change, to ensure that the car with the handy, safe and efficient. The tire is no exception, in different seasons, and the use of vehicles tire driving some doorway". Winter and summer, the temperature and the environment is different, the requirements of the tire is different, so the tire is indeed divided into summer tires, winter tires and four seasons. Summer tires high temperature in summer, tires and road surface is relatively soft, you need to have a good tire rubber support, so the use of rubber components will make the tire more hard". Summer rain more, the role of the tire tread pattern is mainly drained, so the pattern of the summer tire groove area accounted for a lot less than the winter, trench depth is also less than the winter tire. Winter tire winter temperature is low, asphalt pavement hard. 7 degrees centigrade is the critical temperature of summer tire rubber hardness change, in order to ensure the good contact between the tire and the road surface, with good grip, winter tire rubber material will be relatively soft". More snow in winter, in order to ensure the contact in the snow, and a good ability to discharge snow, so the tire pattern groove area accounted for greater, deeper groove. Four seasons tire is not a universal tire tire material hardness of four seasons between winter and summer tires, urban road conditions, careful specification of driving, ordinary tires enough to deal with the four seasons. But anything that goes beyond the physical limits of manipulation and adventure can be dangerous. Not as a clothes can deal with all season, both the ability of heat, and can resist the cold, as any kind of tire can completely meet the use in all environments and control conditions. In the grasslands of the wild; in the snow in front of the ice breaking; in the mountains on the surging power; in the urban road shuttle freely. Season replacement tires, in ensuring the safety and stability of the vehicle, can bring you more driving pleasure! The winter is coming, put on warm winter clothes at the same time, don’t forget to put on the car BMW star certified cold weather tyre. About BMW brand automobile BMW Beijing express Po BMW motorcycle BMW I BMW M in Beijing area, the whole series of products authorized dealers – Beijing express Hing brand BMW series authorized dealers – Beijing express Xingbao inquiries please to: Beijing express Hing 4S Center Address: Beijing City, Daxing District Xihongmen Zhen Ding Road No. 19 sales call: 400-681-6280 service call: 400-681-6280 the official web site:相关的主题文章: