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Writing-and-Speaking Herschell Gordon Lewis is basically an American filmmaker, and his films specialize in creating the subgenre of horror. He is more popularly known as the Godfather of Gore. His films ranged in vast array of categories ranging from children films, delinquent films and even nudie cuties. He is also well known for making a rural comedy. It was with "Prime Time" that he started his first career venture. This was the first ever feature film that was produced in Chicago. Following this, he produced many other films ranging from "Living Venus", "Playboy" and many more. His films are renowned all over the world even today. There are plenty of books written on this famous film maker and his ideals and principles in life. These books also contain reviews and comments on different films made by the godfather. He combined with the producer David F to produce some of the greatest films in the history of world Cinemas. The movies that they made together were considered to be the early films of exploitation. The nude scenes that were depicted in their films were not seen in the mainstream Hollywood movies then. Even in the early 1960s we find erotic film production by these filmmakers. However, it was these films that generally marked the beginning of a different approach to filmmaking. It was with Herschell Gordon Lewis that the trend came when respective parties were allowed to continue with the careers of production. These films were made especially with the intension of making a profit. Some of these nudies include "The Adventures of Lucky Pierre" and the "Goldilocks and the Three Bares". Following this, this filmmaker also entered into the phase of uncharted territory. These were considered by the critics as the first ever "gore" film. This was mainly because of the nature of the film for which they could easily cater to the requirements of the public. However, in the later phases, the filmmaker continued to make many other gore films, but stopped working with David after the production of "Color Me Blood Red". In course of time, when he completed experimenting in different genres of films, he decided to stop film making. Following this, he decided to work as a copywriter and directly as a marketer. On the basis of these subjects, he published many books. However, after few years, in the year 2002, he returned into film direction once again, and thus directed many renowned and reputed films in the Hollywood movie category. He made some money with a successful advertising firm. Thus, with the money so earned, he funded for his own films. His films are always different from the others in the sense that they were very low budget films, but he always remained resourceful in the works he produced. Herschell Gordon Lewis also purchased the right to an incomplete film, and completed the film by himself. He re-titled the book as "Monster A Go-Go. He also released a film related to television game in the year 2009. This marks his immense popularity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: