PPP announced the third batch of projects will soon be nearly 300 million capital layout of the 9 co kimi wo omou melodi

The third batch of PPP project released nearly 300 million fund layout 9 coal oil shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament – reporter Ren Xiaoyu in August 30th, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice to carry out the government and social capital cooperation in traditional infrastructure related work. Notice proposed, fully understand the important significance, do PPP work in the field of infrastructure projects to strengthen the implementation of the project reserves, do joint trial project decision-making, establish a reasonable return on investment mechanism, standardize project implementation, building a diversified exit mechanism, actively play the role of financial institutions, to encourage and guide private investment and foreign investment and optimize the credit environment ten requirements. At the same time, the notice also clarified the energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, major municipal engineering and other key areas of the seven categories of projects. Affected by this, the coal oil plate yesterday is active, the sector as a whole rose 0.8%, plate 37 stocks rose, which, Hanson topped the rise to 4.93%, Rui mining (3.37%), Panjiang shares (2.67%), Jiai Technology (2.62%), Lu’an (2.58%), *ST (2.54%) cloud Xishan Coal (1.93%), Yangquan (1.67%), the source of oil (1.4%), Shaanxi (1.25%), guangjunengyuan (1.23%), Jizhong energy (1.1%) and Sinopec (1.01%) and other stocks also rose more than 1%. The flow of funds, a total of 25 stocks showed a net inflow of large single trend, the plate which Chinese petroleum, Sinopec large single net inflow of funds among the top 73 million 903 thousand and 700 yuan respectively, 57 million 61 thousand and 800 yuan, Panjiang shares (33 million 692 thousand and 200 yuan), Xishan Coal and electricity (31 million 580 thousand and 600 yuan), Hanson (28 million 936 thousand and 800 yuan), Yangquan coal (17 million 442 thousand and 800 yuan), guangjunengyuan (15 million 904 thousand and 700 yuan), Shaanxi coal (14 million 319 thousand and 800 yuan) and Sinopec oil service ($10 million 943 thousand and 800) and other 7 stocks large single capital inflows over 10 million yuan, these 9 stocks accumulated suction gold 284 million yuan. Recently, some media reports, in accordance with the work plan, in September the third batch of PPP demonstration project to promote the 20 list jointly by the Ministry of Finance and other departments will be announced at the beginning of the. Guotai Junan believes that the third batch of PPP demonstration project of great significance, more and better projects are expected to accelerate the floor, which contributes to the construction project "complementarity", the theme is expected to continue to ferment. Public data show that as of July 25th, received a total of around to declare the project 1070, project total investment of about 2 trillion and 200 billion yuan, involving energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, municipal utilities, agriculture, forestry, science and technology, affordable housing, education, culture, health care, pension, health, tourism and sports the field of public service. In this regard, analysts pointed out that in the energy sector, with the beginning of the coal industry相关的主题文章: