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Pregnant belly? Risk – Sohu for 51 days from the mother, 37 days, to the fetal heart today, fetal bud 11mm experienced anxious 14 days, thanks for god. 37 days to eat a hot start, diarrhea, stomach pull early 4-7 times a day, can’t pee, hang the emergency said early pregnancy as long as you can eat, can not take medicine not to take medicine, and a bar. This is the time to start at 5 Zhou Zheng reaction, one and a half bowl of rice congee, pull 4-5, pull away. At 6 weeks of pregnancy is highly reactive (for me) what to eat, smell the smell of oil is retching, vomiting is said to walk well, but do not spit vomit. The original love to eat something, do not want to eat two. Ridicule husband: you finally had no one to eat the happy day. Pregnant 40 days, or pull, anxious to hang the Department of gynaecology, Department of gynaecology said: you have a history of adverse pregnancy, and took the blood to take the list to the reproductive center! The heart is cool, mom! Department of gynaecology do not accept me. The afternoon of Nathan Road, the heart says 5000 will meet again, want to have the gestational sac terrible 15000 happy. To get a single HCG20962 progesterone 48.3ng L, a look, good numerical, heart a horizontal, not to reproduce, so let me check before the pile. The 45 day, continue to pull belly water like, go home only my husband training a drink for three days, a bowl of rice congee, husband to buy the food is rotten to the core. At the heart of posts, said early diarrhea and easy abortion, to go to the hospital, the doctor said to the reproductive center, before I let you check you didn’t check the blood, see long not long, then see 5 items of blood coagulation. At the end of Thompson coagulation five this term, heart hate, a data before surgery or late pregnancy to check, the doctor said you have heart afraid I’m not good? Take a single in the afternoon, on the road is a drop estimate: have to fold? Get a look, surprise HCG74230 progesterone 43.1ng ml, that is, about 11 thousand per day after the length of about ten thousand (after ten days after the normal length of 3000-8000 per day), God, thank you! To the doctor said: very good, but there have been bad, I point you to progesterone, eat every day, about next Monday (51 days) to see fetal heart bud. I said: diarrhea, pull. The doctor said: nothing, no pain nothing. Back on duty, the mood is very good, the husband training back, driving to pick up second days, 38 days, 3:44 in the morning wake up, diarrhea, even a little gray, then fell asleep dreaming and various biochemical April scenes, blood red. In the morning, it’s brown! My heart, sad to cry, and not afraid of my mother and said she was nervous, clutching his stomach on their prayer, on duty that day and write a manuscript, a deputy of the Ministry shall not delay. With a stomach uncomfortable, finished the manuscript, until 6 at night to go to the hospital emergency room to hang up. Doctors expand the Yin, rub a little not a lot, that bleeding, no blood on the first Monday of B-ultrasound Baotai, you see, remember to stay in bed, do not go to work. This several days to go home, the toilet brush brown, anti pregnancy also slowly disappear, the chest is not painful, anxious to shit. This morning, Monday, the 51 day, at 7 a.m., I began to pray: Lord, I am like a bruised reed. Early to the hospital,!相关的主题文章: