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Pregnant women should avoid the use of chemical beauty products – Sohu, a maternal pregnant women should avoid chemical beauty products, luxury bath products many luxury bath products contain many harmful chemical substances, which may cause frequent allergies, and may increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, you should avoid these products until the cessation of breastfeeding. Manicure, most products of various Manicure products containing formaldehyde, toluene and other components of the deadly, these chemicals are toxic, especially dangerous for pregnant you. They are likely to cause fetal death, birth defects, and fetal development problems. Pregnant women should pay special attention to beauty care. Hair care products, although still not sure Hair Coloring agent, hair care, product ingredients can enter the skin, but the risk is very high, because they may cause allergies, and harm the fetus. So you’d better avoid it. Skin whitening products during pregnancy, the skin is easy to dull and dark spots, it will make you very want to use whitening products. But whitening products contain some chemicals, particularly dangerous for pregnant women, so doctors do not recommend the use of. You need sunscreen, but not all of you are safe for you. There are some sunscreen ingredients that you should avoid. And most of the perfumes are not exposed to the list of chemicals and ingredients, and they are labeled as "fragrance". P two formic acid is one of the most commonly used chemical spices, it will affect the normal growth and development of the fetus. Smelly and sticky products avoid the use of harmful chemicals. Strong odor represents the product contains volatile organic compounds, will be inhaled in the human body. Stick will be absorbed by the skin. Treatment of acne medication during pregnancy you may erupt a lot of acne, but the treatment of acne drugs is strictly prohibited. Retinoic acid, tetracycline are common harmful ingredients in these drugs, can cause birth defects and complications. Two, pregnant women how to make yourself look beautiful, choose beautiful clothes to choose some of their favorite, beautiful maternity dress. Women would love to dress themselves, but also by pregnancy dress makes you look energetic, vibrant. During pregnancy, often clean hair hair more easily out of oil and dirt, so suggestions can wash hair, keep hair fluffy and dry cleanness. If the trouble can also be cut short hair, or hair tied up, feeling more neat. Maintain a good mood, good mood will naturally look radiant glow. Therefore, try to do something that can make you feel happy, such as the purchase of baby supplies.相关的主题文章: