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Put away your very simple wind, the second half of 2016 popular printing elements! Sohu – although fashion is a reincarnation but one element also seems to have never neglected the printing elements is again this year at a fashion show shine you whether natural printing small fresh, or complex printing enthusiasm or letter printing simple atmosphere, or retro camouflage you want abstract fashion. It can give you the blue print dress size supermodel Gigi Hadid and sister Bella Hadid interpretation of the printing of small fresh cousin Liu Wen is wearing you really love you and this tropical beach style elegant long skirt suit, ladies small create a holiday in Bohemia, Feifei Sun, Wendy Deng Liu Wen, you smell so there will be printed with small Suihua, rivet, tassel elementsgranados with wild The metal decorative accessories perfect interpretation of the retro print dress rock girl Tang Yan a rebellious self size profile Baseball Jacket looks youth and vitality so exaggerated shoulder profile coat is big heat not only increase with a simple belt can pull high proportions of amounting to Yang Mi’s classic black and white body printed suit is particularly sexy and so the use of a large number of printing and childlike cute cartoon pattern will show the mentality of young, do not want to admit you old Li Qin this dress in the fashion show recently also let many people praise love too elegant and sweet girl you breath printing elements era half of entertainment in the goddess Fan Ye Jiang Xin to wear it Zhang Li will wear beautiful stamp as if the spring around retro print dress seemed to take you Alice in Wonderland if not love flowers printed then you can choose the black bottom stamp skirt so V collar design to highlight the clavicle collocation on a pair of shoes, so you came to Bohemia a hand too you can do the unique pattern in the pants let you in the crowd you become an independent school shirt + skirt + cropped printing is fine white high heel fashion right open so overflowing with flowers printed flower skirt collocation a pair of pearly sandals leisure atmosphere we filled in the pursuit of simplicity when as the printing component to be out of the ordinary? Like fashion with the pro, and quickly pay attention to me, oh, every day on the latest fashion wear skills, together with the small change into the United States to change the handsome, plus fgn360 can also receive the purchase of shoes coupons Oh ~!相关的主题文章: