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Qiandao Lake ship 10 times a Navy record by the offshore supply ship model title – Sohu Military Channel newspaper Zhoushan on 24 February, 10: create the first navy record, dawn of the ocean called the replenishment model. This afternoon, the Navy awarded the Qiandao Lake ship "ocean supply model ship" honorary title naming conference held in Zhoushan. At the meeting, announced the leadership of the East China Sea Fleet naval command, and the ship awarded pennant. Qiandao Lake ship is new domestic offshore supply ships ship, hull number 886, launched in March 2003, April 2004. Set up 12 years ago, the ship officers and soldiers to keep in mind the mission play, enhance the ocean protection ability, has 2 times to go to India ocean by the ship, 4 times to the Gulf of Aden escort mission successfully completed 6 batches, Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact search, Russia joint maritime -2014 RIMPAC exercises and other tasks, track across the three seas, a total distance of about 200000 nautical miles, a record for the first time from 3 at night and by ship for the first time to recharge, and foreign warships replenishment drills a navy for the first time, set a single ship Navy escort mission for the longest time, complete the task number two records. In recent years, the ship was named the army advanced grassroots party organizations "and" advanced naval ship even pacesetter ", two times awarded a collective two, the emergence of a large number of advanced models. The East China Sea Fleet leader said, Qiandao Lake ship is accompanied by the people’s Navy from inshore to offshore strategic transformation to grow pace typical of the era, is building the distant oceans pioneer era, effectively safeguard national strategic interests era model. Achievements, from the history of the entire crew of a strong navy play, holding the national interests of the utter devotion, and worked hard to win skills of the pursuit, and overcome all the difficulties of the revolutionary spirit. Fleet all officers and soldiers will remember that President Xi exhortations, deeply understand the intentions of the Central Military Commission strategy, continue to strengthen political awareness, overall awareness, awareness and consciousness as core, the Qiandao Lake to the ship as an example, carry forward the glorious tradition, focusing on training to prepare, to a strong army, in the great journey of the people’s navy, to promote the transformation of the deep blue in glory.

千岛湖舰10次创海军记录 获远洋补给标兵舰称号-搜狐军事频道  本报舟山2月24日电:10个首次开创海军纪录,勇闯大洋堪称补给标兵。今天下午,海军授予千岛湖舰“远洋补给标兵舰”荣誉称号命名大会在舟山举行。会上,东海舰队领导宣读了海军命令,并为该舰颁发奖旗。   千岛湖舰是国产新型远洋综合补给舰首舰,舷号“886”,2003年3月下水,2004年4月入列。组建12年来,该舰官兵牢记使命担当,提升远洋保障能力,先后2次赴印度洋接护舰艇,4次赴亚丁湾执行6批次护航任务,圆满完成马航失联客机搜寻、中俄“海上联合-2014”“环太军演”等任务,航迹遍布三大洋,累计航程20多万海里,创下了首次远海夜间3舰并靠补给、首次与外军舰艇进行航行补给演练等多个海军首次,刷新了海军单舰执行护航任务时间最长、完成任务次数最多两项纪录。近年来,该舰被评为“全军先进基层党组织”“海军先进舰连标兵”,两次荣立集体二等功,涌现出一大批先进典型。   东海舰队领导表示,千岛湖舰是伴随着人民海军由近岸向远海战略转型步伐成长起来的时代典型,是建功远海大洋的时代先锋,是有效维护国家战略利益的时代楷模。成绩的取得,源自于全舰官兵建设强大海军的历史担当,高举国家利益的赤胆忠心,苦练打赢本领的执著追求,战胜一切困难的革命精神。舰队全体官兵将牢记习主席嘱托,深刻领会中央军委战略意图,不断强化政治意识、大局意识、核心意识和看齐意识,以千岛湖舰为榜样,发扬光荣传统,聚焦练兵备战,矢志强军兴军,在人民海军推进转型、走向深蓝的伟大征程中再创辉煌。相关的主题文章: