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Queen Chen Ruolin never said retired platform go travel to consider "gold" to Zhang Mengxue Chen Ruolin Shi Aisong Zhong Ji Chen Ruolin broke the big interview although has participated in three consecutive Olympic Games, and in the three Olympic Games won 5 gold medals, created the world women’s platform of history. However, the new "Diving Queen" Chen Ruolin is 24 years old this year, so she returned to Nanjing yesterday, said in an interview with reporters: "now don’t think back not retiring, to go out to travel." Yangzi Evening news media reporter Yin Xiaoping home is a good feeling, what would like to eat at 11:45 yesterday morning, Chen Ruolin take the G42 high-speed rail from Shanghai to NanJing South Railway Station, Nanjing Sport Institute vice president Xiao Aihua went to the station. "It feels good to be back." Chen Ruolin said, and for the most want to eat after returning, she said with a smile: "as long as the home, I want to eat." Talking about eating, it is easy to think of Chen Ruolin in order to participate in the Rio Olympics, has been very strict control diet, weight control. In this regard, Chen Ruolin said: in fact, the idea was the only thing that is, no matter what, we must take part in the Olympic Games, we must take the championship." From the Rio Olympic Games women’s ten meter race in the process of watching, Chen Ruolin and partners to win very relaxed, but the game is a lot of tension. To state, in fact, I feel pretty good. But the third time to participate in the Olympic Games, but also want to win, so there will be some tension." Chen Ruolin said, in order to ensure the championship, I also gave up a single game, concentrate on practicing double. It should be said, to give up a single person will regret, but single, double pressure than the same time too much." And Lin Yue’s photo, he let me send in Rio, after winning the Chen Ruolin is very easy, she is either to the scene to cheer his teammates, or is looking for the brightest stars and Olympic champion photo. Qin Kai to marry him when I was on the spot. To tell the truth, for the first time to see someone to marry him, but also his teammates, we grew up together, very excited." Chen Ruolin said with a smile, in Rio, my harvest is quite large, collected a lot of Olympic champions photo and signature, but also brought a lot of mascots back, ready as a gift to family and friends." At the age of 24, Chen Ruolin became a young girl Xiaoya, also more and more beautiful. Not long ago, she took a photo of the sun and Lin Yue, a lot of people speculated that the two may be a couple. In this regard, Chen Ruolin said: "Lin Yue let me hair, ha ha. In fact, it is very fun." For their favorite male god, Chen Ruolin said neither Song Zhongji, nor idol, "kind of good, but to be handsome," said Jay Chou. Jay Chou is not a handsome man. He is a talented man." For personal sports career, Chen Ruolin said, is retired or insisted, not yet thought. I want to give myself a vacation. And then seriously consider whether to go or stay."相关的主题文章: