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Quick stop! Are you the wrong skin care skin weathering lead: ten years after you is what appearance, seemingly simple, in fact, depends on their skin care habits, do not you personally reminders of the old skin, every day we have to wash the face, skin, makeup, but your usual way is correct? (source: Claire network) stop! Skin is aging by your mistake skin care 1. How do you get rid of makeup? Makeup remover is very important, rushing around the whole day, even without make-up, dirty air also gives you a layer of "Mask" on your skin, you go home the first thing remover? Tips: do not squeeze eye makeup remover Step1 with a cotton pad and gently deposited on the face and facial makeup: separate, recommend the use of non irritating eye makeup remover, do not squeeze the eye with a cotton pad and gently deposited on the face. Step2: about a golf size remover in the palm of the hand, starting from the strong T area of the stratum corneum, and then gently push around. Step3: gently rub and massage before flushing, flush should not use hot water or cool water, 36 degrees best, hold the water to the whole face into, the speed is fast, the whole process of 40 seconds best. Scarlett: Helena recommended small mascara mascara remover remover Helena 380 yuan 125ml deep clean eye makeup, so delicate eye skin does not bear the slightest dirt and makeup residue stress. Water and oil separation magic formula, more fit the eye skin characteristics, don’t worry about eye fat granules or sensitive phenomenon. Do you have more make-up water? 2. Do you have more make-up water? Many people think that a lot of make-up water pat on the face, the skin feels more lubrication, increase moisturizing effect, so constantly beat the skin so that water absorption, but in fact, this outside water can only stay in the surface layer, can be evaporated at any time. Makeup water small Tips: Step1: will make-up water to the palm of the hand, hands covered, both hands are filled with make-up water. Cover your face with your hands and try to cover your face for a few seconds. Hands left make-up water, hands and turns in the forehead can be Step2: with the finger, the make-up water will be gently smeared in the mouth around the corner of the eye, left hand make-up water, hands turn in the forehead can be. Xiao Jia recommended: POLA the lotion B. a POLA the lotion B. A 1850 yuan 120ml BA leather film to achieve a "moisturizing cells", effectively improve the eye wrinkles, skin texture, tail tension and wrinkles. This is a continuous infiltration of the skin, with depth of clove essence moisturizing lotion with moist, versatile, soft texture, can be quickly absorbed by the skin. 3. The essence is to look at the ingredients now extract on the market very much, in addition to the brand, the composition is decided we use its probability, such as essence and moisturizing will be marked with collagen, hyaluronic acid, essence of this series is to use every day. Use the essence of the small Tips: use a dollar coin size, hands overlap, apply the essence of liquid after wrapping cheek Step1: use one yuan.

快住手!肌肤正被你的错误护肤催老化   导语:十年后你是什么容颜,看似简单问题,其实全凭自己的护肤习惯,不要亲手催老你的肌肤,我们每天都洗脸、润肤、化妆,可是你一贯手法都正确吗? (来源:嘉人网) 快住手!肌肤正被你的错误护肤催老化   1。你是怎么卸妆的?   卸妆很重要,奔波一整天在外,就算没有化妆,脏空气也在你肌肤上给你一层“面膜”, 你回家第一件事卸妆吗?   卸妆小Tips: 用化妆棉轻轻敷在脸上不要挤压眼睛   Step1:眼妆和面部分开,推荐使用无刺激的眼部卸妆品,用化妆棉轻轻敷在脸上不要挤压眼睛。   Step2:倒大概一个高尔夫球大小的卸妆品在手心,从角质层比较强的T区开始涂,然后向周围轻轻推开。   Step3:冲水前要轻轻揉搓和按摩,冲水时不宜用过热的水或过凉的水,36度最佳,手捧起水要把整个脸谨进去,速度要快,整个过程40秒最佳。   小嘉推荐: 赫莲娜睫毛膏卸妆水   赫莲娜睫毛膏卸妆水   380元 125ml   深彻清洁眼部彩妆,令娇弱眼部肌肤不丝毫承担不洁物与彩妆残留的重压。水油分离的神奇配方,更贴合眼部肌肤特质,不必担心眼周脂肪粒或敏感现象。 化妆水越多越好吗?   2。化妆水越多越好吗?   很多人以为大量化妆水拍在脸上,肌肤感觉更润滑增加保湿效果,所以不断拍打肌肤以致水分吸收,但事实上这种外界水分只能停留在表层,随时都能蒸发掉。   化妆水小Tips:   Step1:将化妆水到在手心,双手捂住,两只手都蘸满化妆水。双手捂住脸颊,尽量多捂几秒钟。 手里还剩化妆水双手轮流抹在额头即可   Step2:用手指指腹将化妆水轻轻涂抹在嘴周眼角,手里还剩化妆水双手轮流抹在额头即可。   小嘉推荐: POLA碧艾保湿化妆水   POLA碧艾保湿化妆水   1850元 120ml   BA真皮薄膜实现了“细胞保湿”,有力地改善眼尾皱纹、肌肤纹理、张力和皱纹。这正是一款能够深度持续渗入肌肤的、配有丁香精华保湿成分的全能护肤液,触感柔润、质地柔和,可以迅速被肌肤吸收。   3。精华液是要看成分   如今市面上的精华液非常的多,除了看品牌之外,成分更是决定我们使用它的概率,如保湿的精华液会标明有胶原蛋白、玻尿酸等,这一系列的精华液就要每天使用。   使用精华液小Tips: 用一元硬币大小,双手交叠,敷匀精华液之后包裹脸颊   Step1:用一元硬币大小,双手交叠,敷匀精华液之后包裹脸颊,大约五秒钟之后,再加一点精华液。   Step2:涂抹额头的时候注意方向是由下向上的,用中指和无名指指腹以按压的手法将精华液抹在皮肤上。   Step3:需要注意,全脸只有涂抹鼻子的时候,方向要由上向下,鼻翼部位也是这样的。   Step4:接下来轻轻地用中指和无名指指腹按压眼睛周围,最后沿着脸迹先轻轻按压,让精华液吸收,长期坚持还有紧肤的功效。   小嘉推荐: IOPE生物精华液深层调理精华液   IOPE生物精华液深层调理精华液   340元 168ml   水状精华有助于促进缺乏活性的肌肤快速吸收其营养,生物氧化还原剂可以使肌肤快速恢复健康。 通促进皮肤温和吸收,提高呵护皮肤的吸收能力,保持肌肤健康。还原透明皮肤,保持皮肤光泽润滑,达到透明光滑的皮肤。相关的主题文章: