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Fashion-Style Ralph Rueben Lifshitz, The creator of Ralph Lauren polo shirts, was originally born in The Bronx, New York. When he was 16 years old, His brother changed his Ralph’s last name to ‘Lauren’. In 1972, Ralph Rueben Lifshitz started his attempt at creating the wonderful polo, match with the Polo icon which still enjoy large popularity today. At first it included 24 different colors while only 17 now. Nowadays, these popular polos are dealt in more than 30 stores all over the United States. ‘Ralph Lauren’ has been a well-know word among fashion and entertainment .munities as well as ordinary people around the world. r Both men and women can buy various kinds of Ralph Lauren Polos ,or long and short sleeves or none sleeves. There are classic-fit big pony polos, slim custom-fit big pony and Black watch polos, classic-fit mesh polos, and classic and custom-fit City polos. The big pony version, classic-fit and skinny-fit polos, long-sleeved beaded ski or crest polos, long or short sleeved silver crest polos, USA shield polos, and even a dip-dyed version of the big pony skinny polo are also available for your cool and fashionable ladies to be Lauren Ralph Lauren Women. All of these polos are made of breathable and durable stretch cotton mesh for relaxing .fort. Different styles and colors are absolutely a feast for your eyes. If you once thought about design a polo by your own, then Ralph Rueben make this possible. There is a "create your own" selection for your graceful ladies and gentle men to design a polo, using the desired size, embroidery color, and monogrammed name of choice. Besides retail stores which deal in polos directly, there are also many outlets and online stores selling these popular polos. Generally speaking, these online stores often offer lower prices on most articles sold in local stores. These are usually still genuine haute polos at rather lower prices since they haven’t to pay store rents. The quality is just the same as the original one, and it’s a saving-money investment and you can buy more shirts for the same cost than purchasing some items in local boutiques. Some shops, such as Fashion Original, can offer you what you need. They provide a wide series of colors and styles which you can choose your favorite one, what’s more, they prices are reasonable. You will not believe your eyes when you have a look at these low prices. Maybe sometimes, the prices are so low that you regard them as scam types. Do not think in that way! The world is not in lack of beauty but in lack of insightful eyes. Since the products are of high quality and fashionable styles, who cares about their low prices? Who cares! Maybe you would hesitate to purchase one from online because you think waiting for 7-10 days for your mail order is a long time. Maybe you are desperate for owning one polo. But think twice. It’s not a waste of time but a saving-time and saving-money investment! You don’t need to hang out exhaustedly to looking for your dreaming polo. So just get your patience and wait for your online order, and you’ll finally get your polo! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: