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Regional coordinated development strategy will move into pushing heavy Tianjin and Beijing – the core strength of western development, the revitalization of the northeast, the rise of the central new regional collaborative development strategy will be pushing heavy measures "The Belt and Road, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Economic Belt will become the leading regional development core strength" economic Reference News "reporter the day before was informed that the second half of this year, China will focus on the joint development of the region launched a series of heavy initiatives, including the development of the eastern region and promote the transformation of processing trade to the Midwest transfer policy initiatives; the introduction of the implementation of the western development, the revitalization of the northeast" 13th Five-Year "plan; develop new ten years to promote the rise of the central region planning. It is understood that the first half of this year, the regional economy is generally stable, steady progress, the eastern region’s GDP, above scale industrial added value, fixed asset investment grew 7.6%, 6.4% and 11% respectively, higher than the national average growth rate of GDP; the central region is 7.8%, the growth rate of industrial added value is 7.3%, the investment in fixed assets the completion of 6 trillion and 800 billion yuan, the growth rate was 12.8%; the western region gross production for the 8%, continue to be in the "four plate" first; Northeast China’s GDP grew by 2.2%, a 0.3% increase in the first quarter, the industrial growth rate decline over the first quarter narrowed 1 percentage points. The second half of the year, China will focus on regional coordinated development further moves, the recent public work in the development and Reform Commission has tracked. In mid September, the national development and Reform Commission convened in the western area of municipal development and reform department responsible comrades training department inspector from the Western European Xiaoli made "The Belt and Road ‘construction and opening up the western region" special counseling, deputy director Xiao Weiming "" 13th Five-Year "during the in-depth implementation of the western development strategy of the overall consideration" as the theme of the report guidance. In September 14th, the national development and Reform Commission on the "Midwest Industrial Catalogue for foreign investment" revised draft, clearly put forward the main principles of the catalogue of industries is to support the central and western regions to undertake industrial transfer, the development of export-oriented industrial clusters based on the central and western regions; the base of industry and labor, resources and other advantages, increase have great influence on the local economy the development of industrial items; the upgrading of traditional industries, promote the development of service industry, strict control of excess capacity projects. Chinese regional economic association secretary general Chen Yao believes that with the third batch of the establishment of a free trade area, "13th Five-Year" during the western development, engine will happen very big change. He believes that in the past proposed the eastern processing trade enterprises to the Midwest, but because the processing trade is facing foreign markets, the West does not have this condition. Now the western port opening, can be directly delivered to the international market, save manpower cost, "13th Five-Year" period, the industry will accelerate the shift to the west. Northeast region, the national development and Reform Commission has released three years to promote the revitalization of the Northeast rolling implementation plan, the annual clear of the focus of the work and the major projects of the 137. The day before, by the national grid investment in Inner Mongolia’s Shandong Qingzhou ± ZHENGJING 800 thousand volt HVDC project相关的主题文章: