Return of the prodigal son Odom worked hard to return to the stadium and gym sports Sohu-ratatouille

Return of the prodigal son? Odom worked hard to return to the stadium and gym sports Sohu   August 25, 2016 Beijing time, according to the "state" news, Odom, former NBA star Lamar, is currently in the gym training, hoping to return to league games. A year ago, Odom was feeling hurt by doing something stupid, but also almost died. After the gradual recovery in the body, the best sixth of the 2011, is trying to regain self, and in social media posted his video work out in the gym. The Lakers an official IG account also posted a video of Odom hard, and that the former Lakers player, has made up his mind to work hard to keep fit, and strive in the back. Early in March this year, Odom back at Staples Center in the first time after the accident, and that he hopes to return to the NBA game, the game Kobe led the Lakers beat the Miami heat in overtime. In Kobe – Odom also attended the war. It is reported that there is no team Odom expressed interest. However, Odom himself very optimistic that he can play a good state. Earlier he was also invited by Davies to play the Drew league. Whether Odom can not return to the NBA stadium, I hope he firmly faith, to find their own way.相关的主题文章: