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"Ride the wind and waves" and then exposed new angle Han Han invited the Hui Yu Sina entertainment news last week Han Han [micro-blog] [micro-blog] has announced Deng Chao, Dong Zijian, Li Ronghao, Zhao Liying [micro-blog] [micro-blog] starring movie "join the new" after today continue to ride the wind and waves, the exposure of the Yu actor will join the team. Once the news was announced, it caused widespread concern netizens. For accidental contrast people sought a lot of netizens cited adorable attributes from 2013 Wanhe days should first homemade comedy "never thought" the Yu, he played in the drama "father" role, captured a large number of fans, was called "the most cordial Liu Bei". In the play, he demonstrated the plasticity of a natural fit for performance ", according to the needs of a drag, can be easily converted. In fact, when the students returned to work behind the scenes of the Yu, never think that one day he will be known as an actor friends. The height of 1 meters 87 man in Mongolia, with a circle of the "clean air" adorable, domineering in their own. This contrast attributes, making him a million days should be a symbol of face. Today, the Wanhe leggy Obama not just stay in the stage of an actor, careful users will find that, he also participated in the "report" the boss writers’ development, process let the Yu character more like nature itself. Three of the movie "cooperation invited Yu ride the wind and waves is an important attempt to" ride the wind and waves, the Yu enter the film screen. Han Han had guest "10000" series, and the Yu had experienced Stewart, the two hit it off, the relationship is very intimate. After Han Han became "000" the movie art director, in cooperation with the mutual understanding between Yu again, slowly forming. As early as 2014, Han Han had invited guest actor Wanhe and Kong Lianshun in "white" shooting just never ever meet again, they show the appearance, good acting and dramatic tension, visible on the invitation of the Yu Wan he participate in the new movie show, will produce a million wanmoxiangdao surprise. Han Han today announced the figures from the photos, the "father" Yu tough expression calm, different with the usual contrast blazing with anger, funny adorable image. Participating in the "" ride the wind and waves will continue to go, the Yu comedy route? The transformation of mature or tough guy challenge offbeat style? In often surprises, erratic and directed by Han Han, the story became full of imagination. (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: