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Robin Li: the Internet has been in a new stage of mobile Internet era has ended, the chairman of Baidu CEO Robin Li Sina Francisco November 16th afternoon, the third session of the world Internet Conference held in Wuzhen, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li made a speech in the afternoon. In his speech, Robin Li referred to today’s Internet has been in a new stage, the era of mobile Internet is over. If a company has not yet established today or bigger, by the mobile Internet outlet is no longer possible unicorn, because the market has entered a relatively stable stage of development." Robin Li analysis. As for the opportunities of the future, Robin Li said that in the years of artificial intelligence, the future, we can easily imagine the language barrier will be completely broken. We are now working as translators, and they may not work in the future." In addition, Robin Li also said that the Internet of things is also a new opportunity in the future, in the past few years the Internet of things was fired very hot, and now it is not far from the real development. (Tan Xiaohan) the following is the full text of the speech of Mr. Robin Li: good afternoon! Today is the third world Internet Conference, but also the third time in two years, I came to Wuzhen, this time to feel the change is very large. The most important thing is to feel very warm outside, even if you don’t have to wear a coat outside. Of course, the most fundamental change is not this, is the Internet environment in Wuzhen, is covered in ubiquitous free WI-FI Internet, it is the wisdom of parking, intelligent medical. So just two years, Wuzhen has become a veritable Internet town. Mobile Internet outlet can not be a unicorn we do the Internet, in particular, like to see such a rapid change. We are also used, even before the Internet, the development of IT industry for decades has been accompanied by rapid technological and market changes, these changes have brought various kinds of surprises to people, it also brings some does not adapt. For example, in many people seems to be a black swan event, but in fact it is bound to have some. The first two politicians have talked about the election of Trump, which is considered to be a "black swan event" in the elite society of the United states. But standing on the Internet point of view it is actually a necessity. Because, in today’s Internet, social media, and those who are spread widely, many of their conspiracy, false news and a variety of extreme feelings, I think Trump is to seize the characteristics of such a spread of the Internet, makes full use of Facebook, Twitter and other network media, get enough support. So these things are the changes brought about by the Internet, resulting in a certain sense is the inevitable result. I think the Internet media companies in the United States, but also aware that there are some problems. They even have a lot of companies together to engage in one, that is to say that the organization of cooperation or the site, teach you how to identify false news online, for example, sometimes there is a news that Trump race!相关的主题文章: