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UnCategorized Rochester is located within a 400 mile radius of 14 north eastern states, two of the most populated Canadian provinces, New Yorks capital city of Albany and the nations capital of Washington DC. Rochester is also the western gateway to the fabulous Finger Lakes Region, part of this countrys longest scenic byway the Seaway Trail and a day drive from New York City Americas largest eastern port for overseas travellers entering the United States. Buffalo Bill Cody lived in Rochester in the 1870s and buried three of his children at Mt Hope Cemetery. Silent movie vamp Theda Bara attended high school here in the 1900s. Carousels Ontario Beach Park is home to the only antique carousel in the country never to have been moved from its original location, a 1905 menagerie carousel that was the first model of its kind produced. Clothing in the 1840s, baby shoes were first developed in Rochester by Jesse Hatch while Amelia Bloomer added the undergarment that carries her name. Rochester .pany is the largest manufacturer of tailored mens clothing in the US with its suits known around the world for their quality. Music at the university is regarded as one of the best in the country and its Eastman Theatre ranks as one of the finest concert halls in America. In addition, its Sibley Music Library has the largest collection of sheet music in the world. Whether its a day in the park or on the water, antique hunting or museum hopping, savouring a performance or cheering a sports event, Rochester has activities and attractions to satisfy every visitors image of a good time, whatever that image might be. Among the varied images this modern, yet historic, city takes pride in sharing are views from distant days when early pioneers had visions of a prosperous new settlement on a mighty river called the Genesee. Years later, the statue of Douglass erected here was the first in our country to honour an African American. Today it stands at the top of Highland Park Bowl on South Avenue and near Mt. Hope Cemetery, which is the final resting place for both Douglass and Anthony. Rochester is the third largest city in New York State today, but it was the construction of the Erie Canal that turned Rochesterville into an American boom town. That very first Erie Canal also travelled through the centre of the city across an 800 foot stone aqueduct hailed as the longest in the world at that time. Visitors can still see the second, sturdier version of that feat built in 1842 to replace the original aqueduct it continues to stand as the base of Rochesters Broad Street Bridge. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: