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"Rouge" Zhao Liying refused to silly white sweet and Lu Yi kissing scenes enjoy entertainment Sohu –   Lu Yi and Zhao Liying starred in the TV series "rouge" will be landing in September 27th   video Sohu;   Sohu entertainment news (ShangHai Railway Station Rongling Ma Wen) directed by Xu Jizhou, Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Tao Xinran, Yuan Wenkang and starring TV drama "rouge" will be landing in September 27th, the Oriental TV video Sohu. September 20th, the show held a press conference in Shanghai, producer Huang Lan Zhao Liying, Lu Yi attended. The scene, Zhao Liying said had received the script "blue Rouge" is a similar role and her old silly white sweet, so she took the initiative to find the director of his own proposal, there are now "with the boys thinking, even more than the boys brave girl" role. Talking about kissing and Lu Yi feelings, Zhao Liying stunned, called: "enjoy!"   Zhao Liying refused to silly silly white sweet white sweet Zhao Liying refused to advise the director changed the script "rouge" story happened in Shanghai during the war, bank family origin daixiaojie blue Rouge (Zhao Liying ornaments) full of yearning for the occupation agent, accidentally met in three identities in a mysterious spy Zhou Yuhao (Lu Yishi), two people from the frenemy relationship was disguised as a couple, but their dark feelings, collaborative War struggle and safeguarding national interests. "Rouge" as Zhao Liying’s First Spy Drama, she is also under the foot, suggestions to play. In fact, in the original script to get Zhao Liying, blue rouge is a role similar to her previous silly white sweet girl. Zhao Liying read the script of the mood when fresh, "I can’t sleep, and the director said that although I talk, I was 85, but the word agent is a very serious word for me, a simple person does not have a certain foundation has certain qualities can not bear the responsibility." Also because of this, Zhao Liying finally appears blue Rouge will be a boy with thinking, more girls than boys even bolder and stronger, bear, "I don’t want to put her box in the traditional women’s way of thinking, hoping to lead us into that era, know what is what that is what is called a mission, can make people sacrifice their love, into love." Immediately to usher in their 30 years old, love is yearning? Zhao Liying said: "maybe I had love age, I want to say now, except love, I want to pursue something more, I think the pursuit of friendship, the pursuit of ideological progress, I want to pay more attention to the family, I want to know what is called a sense of responsibility, I also want to know their own goals and life what is faith. Also want to re excitation, their love for the job, as well as the face of pressure, I can brave the past."   Lu Yi claimed to love not less experience Liao sister Lu Yi interpretation of "three high" men claiming to love experience not tease sister Lu Yi played Zhou Yuhao in "rouge", in Lu Yi’s eyes, this is a "high color value, high IQ EQ" "three high" actor. Although Lu Yi had.相关的主题文章: