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S6 finals and group: EDG and SKT had both scores and margin of large scale events when the year ended, this means that you know what kind of things: the global finals will come again. The top teams from around the world is about to embark on the journey, they will begin a trip to the United States in three weeks, TSM, CLG, C9 as the host team SKT and team ROX will be prepared to meet the challenge, to defend South Korea strongest division glory, and strive to defend the former, while the latter aims at the king. Group draw will be carried out this weekend, in the North American official studio out of the life and death group, although there are a variety of online team analysis, but we still look forward to this moment. Towards a global finals road has already departed, this weekend will be the first step, when the time travel to Losangeles in October 30th of the Staples Center, on the world stage survived to the end of the team will win the trophy this year summoner. To look at the possibility of the emergence of This matter should not be delayed., which packets immediately. EDG SKT G2 C9 group of death is this weekend in the draw may come into being by far the most horrible death group, EDG team in the LPL summer tournament victory, in the final 3-0 victory over the RNG team. Although the SKT team failed to four in a row, but the reigning world champion, no one dares to ignore it, for a wild area occupies the absolute dominant position version, EDG clan will be glad to see the SKT clan of weakness, they are already playing enemies. The G2 team in the season tournament lost their first seed identity, but compared to the spring race team to strengthen the many, Zven and Mithy are combined under the two strongest in Europe, the European CS best players Trick not only wants to prove that he is the European wild king, is also looking forward to prove that he is the world’s first playing field. The C9 team can be said to be the strongest in the history of the world finals three seed team, although they failed to match in the spring to the North American LCS finals, but in the summer season to replace the new lineup and coach Reapered and TSM team went to the finals, failed to win the championship to qualify for the summer directly they have defeated the NV and IMT the team returned to the world stage, the former world champion on the single Impact has become the core team. Survival of the group FW CLG H2K INTZ and the death of the group, the survival of the team seems to have a chance for each team, but they have not had time to relax, after all, it also means that anyone is likely to go out. Although the team is a team of seed, but they seem to have been playing CLG team, in the season when the tournament has proved this point. Although the CLG team in the summer season only got fourth, but avoid a seed pool EDG and ROX team is definitely a blessing, they will be happy to face the lightning wolf clan. If you do not like last year’s global H2K team finals in EDG and SKT of the two favourites clan living in the crevice are also very happy, at least they have the opportunity to play. Although the INTZ team is confident that unlike the previous team, but the team still have the opportunity to play a stable beat three other teams and team state. Such as)相关的主题文章: