Secret Temple No. two, three killer (Figure) –

Secret Temple No. two, three killer (Figure) – the Beijing No. two Aerospace Science and Technology Group five figure for September 15th at 22 PM, in the long march rocket lifts, Tiangong two came to the vast and desolate space, take its "sister" — Tiangong-1, began to watch the earth God. This is not only the Tiangong two astronauts "space home", but also as a space laboratory the first complete meaning of our country, shouldering many space of new technology and new product validation work, then what is it worth? China Youth Daily? Fifth of the total catch Research Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology Group youth online reporter (hereinafter called Tiangong two, five) experts inventory. Plug U disk as convenient maintenance as convenient maintenance, Tiangong two, is a major killer. Science fiction movies, when a large device failure, researchers can plug U disk, like the same, quickly pull off the damaged parts, plug in a new component, and then the device to return to normal operation. Now, this scene will be in the Temple No. two real staged. According to the five Tiangong two chief designer Zhu Congpeng, five researchers through the merger of similar concept, to Tiangong two, power supply and thermal control and data management system to achieve a highly integrated module design, create a module can be replaced quickly. With the intelligent power distribution unit, five researchers will satisfy the requirement of product long life, high reliability, convenient operation, the structure design of plug-in type "is used for the first time in our spacecraft, in the ground simulation test, researchers need only a few minutes to complete a repair and replacement. This is the 529 plant developed by the distribution of power, "housekeeper". As everyone knows, the reliability and safety of spacecraft power system, has been one of the spacecraft system focus on the issue, and the core parts of spacecraft power system, often adopts the traditional switch relay switch of mechanical contact, once the mechanical contact switch malfunction, will have a significant impact on the performance and reliability of spacecraft. In ordinary people’s homes on the wall, there will be a humble power control box, when a household electrical appliances when the short circuit, the switch will automatically trip protection. One of the main functions of the power control box is the power switch, power distribution and "Tiangong two stewards" can not only for the power on the power switch as ordinary as can be cut off at the time of the failure, and can automatically restore power in fault repaired. Of course, in the laboratory, researchers can only a few minutes to complete a repair replacement, but on the day, everything may seem different. In order to ensure that the astronauts in space environment to manipulate, these researchers through the simulation experiments, developed a manual quantification step, illustrated for astronauts in orbit maintenance, to carry out experiments, "visible" convenient. "As strong as iron": a slow leak of basketball Tiangong two is the internal structure of an external vacuum, 1 atm. To evaluate its safety, one of the important indicators is that in the next two years in orbit.相关的主题文章: