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The border of Yunnan women’s team: the village guard 28 friends into rehab movie "Mekong action" aggressively, Burma border drugs and poked a sinful people’s nerves. Whether in movies or in reality, from the "Golden Triangle" drug abuse shocking. From the police data show that the state of Xishuangbanna, adjacent to the "Golden Triangle", because there are 15 towns across the state bordering Myanmar, Laos border, 966.3 km long border line, there is no natural barrier, the border line trail is numerous, anti drug work face dangerous challenges. Manufacture of waxy Kang tragedy in 2011, less than 50 kilometers from the border of the Yunnan south mountain, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture Public Security Bureau as the focus of regulation of the Hani village sand dam, the undercurrent in drug slightly subsided after a comeback. Due to special reasons, makes this once a rich side of the small village, up to 36 families have 58 young drug addicts, sporadic drug trafficking is more wanton foreign personnel in village. Two years before that, in 10 members of the police, under the impetus of established women’s village guard team, in two or three months, the 28 friends stockade drug in rehab. They used to work the time patrol in the village to the edge, prevent foreign drug addicts into. One of the 6 members of the husband, and even their son is the object of their report. Men go to rehab, family work and children’s education become the only life they have to bear. This year before the national day, the stockade and the three or four drug addicts arrested. 8 years since the establishment of the village, the villagers have been looking for ways to help themselves, but also look forward to a new way to make a living by tourism. His wife joined the village team   report her husband drug abuse, she called black. That day, she was riding a motorcycle when tapping into the mountains and turned over. Her husband thought that the brakes were broken and forgot to tell her. "My wife is right, his face can not see." That afternoon, the Central Party sat home past drug nephew chat, the mood, waved his hand, not anxious to go home. "I love playing outside, before 25 days a month is bubble KTV, gambling, looking for a woman". Even if the black floating in front of him, he said. For this "frankly" walled village people laughed, accustomed to. These years, black floating bursts can not find the central once. My daughter was ting (a pseudonym) at the age of seven or eight, in other villagers had bumped into the central suction powder, come back to ask Mom, what is that? By the end of 2008, squatting on the roadside to open a meeting of the villagers, a few women put forward the idea of protecting the village team, black floating heart a horizontal, became one of the 10 female players. The women’s anti drug team photo of 10 players, 6 women’s families have drug addicts. Prevent the heavy burden of drug abuse, increase in their work. Ting eleven years old that year, the black floated a determination. One day, to the dawn of the central home gambling addiction has not scattered, sleep must have dizzy spells grabbed the phone call, black floating Jinghong narcotics brigade. The staff home. Once the central process had Pavilion look crystal clear. The central had no resistance, black floating 8相关的主题文章: