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Sexy Nvzei theft jailed for not released model company extended an olive branch to the original title: the world’s most sexy female thief to 90 days in jail for stardom without hindrance as a model (Photos) in February 26, according to foreign media reports, known as "the world’s most sexy Nvzei 21 year old Canadian young woman Tiffany Baldwin, because of the history? The day before the theft charges, was sentenced to 90 days, but this did not stop the xingtu. Not yet out of the prison, has a model company waved to her, she will be included in its. Stephanie is a former Canadian nurse school students in 2014, together with 3 men aged between 11 to 17 year olds, into at least 39 homes were arrested for theft. The news immediately after exposure, netizens dug a large number of Stephanie sexy photos, mostly wearing bikinis show hot body. Delicate facial features, fullness of the circumference, waist, so she immediately received by users, and has been called the "world’s most sexy nvzei". Recently, Stephanie was jailed for 90 days, but she only on weekends serving Mondays to Fridays can be free. Without the fear of her on charges, a model company in September last year have signed Stephanie, let her become a woman by nvzei. Editor: the flourishing SN123

性感女贼因盗窃获刑 未出狱模特公司伸出橄榄枝   原标题:世上最性感女贼入狱90日 星途无阻成模特(组图)   中新网2月26日电 据外媒报道,被誉为“世界最性感女贼”的21岁加拿大妙龄女子史蒂芬妮?鲍德温,因盗窃等罪名,日前被判刑90天,但这并未阻其星途。尚未出监,就已经有模特公司向她招手,欲将她纳入旗下。   史蒂芬妮是加拿大前护士学校的学生,在2014年伙同3名年龄介乎11至17岁青年,闯入至少39个住所内偷窃被捕。   有关新闻曝光后,网民立即挖出大批史蒂芬妮的性感照,大多都是身穿比基尼展示火辣身材。   精致的五官、丰满的上围、纤腰,令她旋即受到网民的追捧,并被封为“世上最性感女贼”。   近日,史蒂芬妮被判入狱90天,不过她只需要在周末服刑,星期一至星期五则可恢复自由身。无惧她背负罪名,有模特公司早于去年9月已经签下史蒂芬妮,让她由女贼一跃成为女模。 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章: