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Shijiazhuang village electric black market: "steal" car sellers bluntly first searched the original title: Shijiazhuang village electric car market is first searched "nothing, nothing more nothing during the day, night, the keys hanging, you are afraid of what, that is their own." "Although the car is stolen, but you can rest assured ride." October 18, 2016 Hebei, Shijiazhuang Cheng village, a transaction is under the night. This is Shijiazhuang city about 15 kilometers place, although unknown, but the square and surrounding villages, Liangcun, Xi Xia Xu Ying Cun, due to the sale of second-hand car and famous online. And the West Village, Xu Ying Cun bustling flea market on different electric vehicles, electric vehicles and the Liangcun summer trading village hidden in the village. The village of Lu Wei, elderly woman riding the electric car in knots together, see a person, immediately showmanship. After repeated questioning of identity, a man was taken to a more intimate alley deep, by selling cars called "second-hand car" electric cars, electric car ride to mount a car, for people to choose. Case No. 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) at the time of the investigation, there are sellers who said they have been engaged in this industry for many years, and bluntly car is purchased from the hands of thieves at low prices, and then sell hundreds of dollars to sell. Luancheng Shijiazhuang District Public Security Bureau has repeatedly investigated this. In order to avoid detection, the salesperson will continue to change the sales model, can be said that the anti detection capability is very strong. Now, there has been formed a stolen car, the car industry chain, showmanship. In November 3rd, Shijiazhuang Luancheng District Cheng village, three village middle-aged woman told reporters unidentified vehicle sales. The village road all day together with middle-aged women, selling electric cars, to the village of strangers said, the electric car is stolen by the thieves resell to the village.         Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo village village trading showmanship, from the network to the next line, Shijiazhuang second-hand car village "is famous for. Online search, the village more than the outskirts of the city of Shijiazhuang is famous for the sale of second-hand car, the village, the village, Fang Cheng Xia Liangcun most mentioned. Ask the locals, the network can be confirmed. The number of Shijiazhuang local taxi driver said that the purchase of second-hand electric car in Shijiazhuang can go to four places: Fang village, West Village, Xu Ying Cheng Shang Cun, Xia Liangcun. Among them, the village square, West Xu Ying Cun electric car to renovation of the village, the majority, Cheng Xia Liangcun is different from the above two village, many guests in the village by the embrace of unsolicited sales of electric vehicles. Cheng village belongs to Luancheng District of Hebei city in Shijiazhuang Province town ", located about 15 kilometers southeast of Shijiazhuang City, close to 308 National road. In October 16th, Cheng village, a large flea market is quite lively, the market is full of second-hand furniture and kitchen appliances, electric car shop is hard to find. The boss said a hotel next to the market, to buy second-hand car market, no, have to walk from the main road in the village church, selling cars in knots sitting in the corner to find them, ask a glance. Through the archway village, around the main road crossroads, and there were seven or eight women together, or sitting or standing, strangers come to stare at a uniform. Where to sell second-hand electric car? Some inquiry, LIMITED相关的主题文章: