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Sichuan 10 "the world’s most", you have been to a few? Sohu of Sichuan tourism have so much in the world, don’t think about every day to travel abroad, Sichuan light is enough you play, black bean pot today to give you a pendulum ha ~ 1, the world’s largest stoneseated Maitreya Leshan Giant Buddha, Leshan Giant Buddha has become one of Sichuan’s iconic attractions, built in the Tang Dynasty, about 71 meters high, 20 storey apartment, then I do not know how much is used to build such a huge human sitting buddha! China largest carved stone statues, Leshan Giant Buddha water ring backer, Kit Kat, forms a dignified, ear with a drainage system, to prevent the erosion of the weathered stone. Address: Leshan City, South East of Minjiang Lingyun road Panda Reserve in 2, the world’s largest — Wolong Panda Reserve recently had the raise a Babel of criticism of the three pandas, the United States will soon return home, as the "ambassador" of the giant pandas already live in the hearts of Americans, this feeling very sad! China’s national treasure giant panda, as a living fossil, and the appearance of stupid Meng, Chengdu has also been the facade of Sichuan, many people come to the Wolong reserve to see these circles, really cute! Address: Chengdu city Tongjiang Town Road No. 1 3, happiness is the world’s largest alpine wetland wetland located in the ABA — Ruoergai Ruoergai, where not only the prairie, the Yellow River 9, and the world’s largest area of alpine wetland, there is also a variety of rare birds habitat. The grassland here is now golden, just went to the friends must know, when the summer is the oil green, especially beautiful! Address: Sichuan Province, Ruoergai County, Aba Tibetan Autonomous Region 4, the world’s largest pool of color group, calcification of the Huanglong Huanglong Jiuzhai Huanglong calcification in Waterscape, pools are beautiful, here are the world’s largest calcification pool, in different seasons, each have their own beauty. Autumn and winter Huanglong a sense of peace, the trees hanging on a thin layer of snow, have a distinctive flavour. Address: China Sichuan Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Songpan County scenic area 5, the world’s largest Buddhist Institute, five Buddhist Institute as the world’s largest Buddhist Institute, a red house five Buddha college is really amazing, in recent years in the circle of friends, always to the pious to visit. Sichuan recently began to snow season, may come at any time the snow added to the magnificent and desolate winter here, yellow light like the fire, the warmth of the red house group. Address: Sichuan, La Seda County Rong Temple five Ming Buddhist Institute 6, the world is still in use of the oldest water conservancy project – Dujiangyan saved the year King Yu combating the flood plains of Chengdu, this is the land of abundance, it is the oldest water conservancy project, embodies the wisdom crystallization of ancient people. Dujiangyan, which is characterized by no dam water diversion, is still in use in flood control irrigation works, is the world’s oldest water conservancy project so far, very proud of. Address: Chengdu, Dujiangyan, 7, the world’s largest bamboo forest — Bamboo Sea, where there are 87% of the相关的主题文章: