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Sichuan, a real estate project owners Shoufang for nearly 4 years to take the real estate license three departments – wrangling Beijing Mianyang Shanghai mansion owners not yet nadaofangchanzheng. Where is the difference between the three parties? Mianyang Housing Construction Bureau: there are violations of the developer and the super rules, we must first improve the procedures for the acceptance of administrative punishment and then start the actual area of audit, accreditation and other matters. Mianyang City Planning Bureau: law enforcement departments have administrative punishment, because of the "town planning law", "Sichuan Province Urban Planning Ordinance" has not made the corresponding provisions of the illegal construction planning bureau no longer go through the relevant administrative procedures. Developers said: the relevant departments for three years, has no administrative penalty decision, how do we perform? "We all moved for nearly 4 years, property permits since hitting us without hearing a word about, the owners of 98 households……" Recently, located in Mianyang City, No. 61 Chang An building "Shanghai mansion owners reflect to the WCC reporter: in the past 4 years, the owners Banfangchanzheng long-running, reason is the" super "developers, developers, housing construction bureau and Planning Bureau three party" failed ", cause handle real estate license is still elusive. WCC reporter Yao Maoqiang Liu Hu photography reported owners complain developers, housing and planning wrangling "we become the owners of the" big "Shanghai mansion is located in the city of Mianyang and Chang Anchang River near a primary school. The mansion is not far from the Mianyang City People’s Park, commercial plaza, Central Hospital, etc.. At the beginning of the construction, superior geographical position will attract a large number of home buyers. At the beginning of 2014, taking into account the child is about to go to primary school, parents also need a house in Mianyang, Mr. Wang will be in the project on the 13 floor of the purchase of a full house. Over the past two years, the child went to school age, real estate license has been unable to do so, Mr. Wang a hurry. At that time, the developer said that after the launch of the permit can not wait too long, the result is two years, and now still no results." About this, Mr. Wang’s father Wang Chuande was helpless, the old man told the WCC reporter, for children reading, at the beginning of 2015 have deliberately organized the "commercial housing sales (pre-sale) contract for the information change request form", the house changed to grandson name, "children should read the primary school next year, what you can get card?" Bai Wenhao lived in the old man downstairs, the house was bought in May 2014 daughter loans, can not stand up to allow the elderly to feel like a home is not stable, Wang Chuande". "My account is now in the town of Youxian district was faithful, daughter to my house is taking into account and organization relationship can be transferred to the city." Bai Wenhao said, the house hanging in the name of his daughter, get property certificate, the daughter can not be settled, Medicare and social security are not brought to the city, the loan should also finished, do not get real estate license." It is understood that the "Shanghai mansion" currently has 98 households, of which 28 households are housing demolition site after the real. As one of the owners of 28 households, Liu Mingxiang, aged 83, from 2009 will be the original real estate stock exchange to the developers, but so far have not got new"相关的主题文章: