Sigh! Two children who love painting, different fate! Sohu – verbal jint

Sigh! Two children who love painting, different fate! Sohu maternal and child [child] said original, reproduced please mark the source of small A, small B is the same table, very fond of painting. One day, two people were found in the classroom because the teacher was found. After returning home, small A mother angrily tore up the book, criticized the small A class and do not concentrate; small B small B mother touch head: mother think you draw very interesting! Small A every day in addition to learning or learning, one small A homework is not serious, and torn out of the book; in addition to the study of small B, but mother was sent to professional teacher at the school of painting, obtained great progress, teachers often recommend to participate in the contest, won many awards. Hear B so good, small A Mom: you look at the small B, can draw winners, you will only graffiti, net humiliated me (in fact, she did not know, two children were standing on the same starting line); small B standing on the podium, mother think support the child’s hobby is a good idea. A’s mother scolded school to continue to pursue the bubble drama; small B mother to accompany a small B, also on the side to learn painting. Affected by her mother, the little A has become a TV fan, the results are not so good before; painting became a small B after learning the greatest pastime, become an integral part of her love life. In the twinkling of an eye to high school, small A because the results are getting worse drop out, when the waiter, earn low wages. Watching TV every day after work to become the biggest hobby; small B was recommended to study abroad specializing in painting. A few years later, a small A and his mother in front of the TV, suddenly saw a small TV B was interviewed by reporters. Small A mother hate to say: did not study hard, and now even a decent work is not, you see people B…… Small B has returned to become a famous painter, in front of the camera, she said such a sentence: thanks to my mother, her unconditional love and acceptance of the present i! Suddenly, the alarm clock rang. A mother suddenly woke up from the dream, she still silently looked at the side of the sleeping child, silently say: Thank you! Dream. Don’t let the children live in a non acceptance environment, every day facing all kinds of negation and criticism. Unconditional love and acceptance, in order to achieve children.相关的主题文章: