Sino Russian military exercises against the most difficult of the day Joint Air Defense anti

Sino Russian military exercises against the most difficult of the day: Joint Air Defense anti submarine – Beijing yesterday (September 17th), maritime military exercises officially entered the implementation of joint action third days, the two sides participating warships conducted joint air defense, joint anti submarine exercises in exercise area. Since this is the maritime Lianyan subjects in the most close combat, against the most difficult and most of the day in the arms of troops. The ship missile destroyer Guangzhou, we can see that the red is on air defense ships participating in formation to the exercise area of navigation, joint air defense drills began immediately. The air defense exercise subjects is the background, the blue side force group aviation raid red fleet, first fleet to strengthen air observation, make ready to fight. At 9:30, the red First Fleet Escort merchant ships sailing ship as Junshan lake to the pre sea. At this time, the blue side of the red side of the ship radar target aircraft, the fleet command ship immediately issued the defense command, Guangzhou ship, Mount Huangshan ship, the Russian admiral Terry boots destroyer, launched various air defense plan immediately, search for threats from air defense area target. At 9:35, the blue side of the 2 batch of 4 groups of troops JH fighters over the ships, missile attacks on formation simulation, first rapid fleet air defense organization, and implement the simulation of missile attack, shot down attacking targets. 2 pm, joint anti submarine began. Anti submarine is a difficult confrontation, has always been the most stringent naval exercise confidential. The joint anti submarine to the blue side of the red sea route of submarine harassment as the background, the joint command ordered first fleet to search attack red. The red ship formation cooperative search for submarine division. Guangzhou Mount Huangshan ship and ship the single line, start sonar exploration of the underwater target, the rocket depth, flying type underwater acoustic countermeasure equipment full ready to intercept torpedo preparations. The red forces helicopter group to arrive in the mission area, hover, sling sonar, submarine search for implementation. With the emergence of the target, the Guangzhou ship took the lead in simulating the launch of dozens of rockets deep bombs, the blue side of the submarine deadly blow. The red first ship fleet commander: the difficulty of warship air defense anti submarine is mainly in the dark blue, red light. In today’s air defense anti submarine exercises, the blue side of the red fleet aircraft raid from multiple directions, the ambush in the submarine and the continuous implementation of the hidden ambush. Battlefield situation is changing rapidly, the two sides continue to upgrade. The red first fleet chief of staff: I think today the two subjects we have done very well, very high level of completion of carry out combat missions, but to leave me regret is that subjects time too short is too short, if the time to give more, I think we will do will be better.相关的主题文章: