Skyrocketing prices when people

Skyrocketing prices when people ask? Author Wang Hedong: at present, the domestic prices trend like waves, wave higher than the wave, even in a short period of a small decline, but this decline soon began to advance good times don’t last long, and prices continue to create new heights". In this case, the small series seems to investigate the reasons, can be used to explain three points: supply and demand, the scarcity of the earth and ZF regulation. Among the three interrelated interaction lead to domestic prices are declining endless but is still high, caused tremendous pressure of public life was forced to become a "housing slave". First, the relationship between supply and demand that the market demand, here is a second tier cities. Although a second tier city high prices, inhibit the people in the house, but on the other hand, housing prices rose to stimulate a second the needs of residents in a certain extent, whether it is real or just family, buy a house in the present must be profitable. Compared with the stock of more than three or four lines of the city, although the inventory index issued, but by the impact of large cities house prices, the prices of the three cities in the slow climb. Generally speaking, the number of ordinary people in China and its huge, coupled with the impact of traditional concepts, resulting in the housing market demand has been increasing. Two, the scarcity of rare earth source is very easy to understand, the country needs to develop, then you need to develop land to build, not only housing construction, but also includes medical, educational buildings. China is a populous country, to solve the problem of living is certainly a big problem, so that in the absence of destruction of arable land, woodland, in the country’s scarce source of a tall building erected on the ground. In this view, the emergence of high land prices, "King" will be able to understand. Three, ZF control when social problems, ZF will come forward and the introduction of policies to control. Real estate issues are no exception, for the price problem, ZF can be described as special care. While in order to solve the problem of housing residents and to inventory, and curb price rise; on the other side to the development of economy, the real estate China as the pillar industry, is the key to the economic and financial effects of ZF can be described as a short period of time, the government will "to" control "housing prices remained stable. It can be said that the situation is awkward and contradictory ZF, regulation is perfect, but it can not completely solve the problem. The above cited are the reasons for the rise in house prices, rising prices for businesses, ZF, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and for the people it is more harm than good". When people ask the price? This is not known, but can be convinced that, certainly not now. Real estate issues, the abnormal trend of housing prices, reform Huimin where? The answer is free and easy. As the saying goes "Rome was not built in a day" whether the ZF policy, or housing prices and real self reflection, this requires a process of time. Xiao Bian believes that the waiting time is always long, then you should forget the past, live in the moment, the value of life every day of life is happy and beautiful. Wang Hedong, the Hainan real estate network editor, Hainan real estate investment)相关的主题文章: