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Smart parents, so to solve the parent-child conflict – author | Lu Jing Kai Sohu maternal uncle said kaishushuo adult world there are too many can not have too much curiosity, the world of children. How to save too much of the adult world, the world of children is all too much to try. Different ideas are bound to collide, which is a sign of the child’s growth. Guide children to express their aspirations and take the initiative to think about solutions, parents gently express their views, demonstrate respect. Small things are also treated with care, this is a moderate win-win approach. What do you do when you are in conflict with your child’s needs? When you walk with him on the way, you’re hungry and eager to go home, he insisted on playing for a while in the park, you listen to him, persuaded him to listen to you, or the last sentence: "you I’m leaving" forced him into submission, hastily? The children grow up day by day, also means that the growing conflict between parents and children, most parents hate conflict confused on the solution, even avoiding conflict, I often hear that two couples with "never red face" to describe their relationship, but unfortunately this relationship only may they never approached each other, or one desperate self repression, compromise, this is not true of the healthy relationship. We have to admit that any relationship will inevitably conflict, especially a good relationship, we are all thoughts and needs of different people, we may not always agree with others, even the blood ties between parents and children. The quality of the relationship between people, not how much they conflict, but how to solve the conflict. Conflict can make people alienation, also can make people more intimate conflict both with the destruction of more unity and vitality, it may lead to family members fall apart may also bring more profound understanding. Family conflict is good when my parents often quarrel for children, they quarreled pitch-dark, self-assured or supercilious back to his room, I can only silently spread ink on rice paper, repeated copying of the word "parents willing to live together in peace together." so, I have met with people who dislike conflict, red occasions at a loss, I do not what are the benefits of that conflict, they bring to children for fear of noise and no concern of loneliness, I do not understand the relationship in the quarrel can be more intimate, but desperate think two people after a quarrel inevitable broken mirror do, feeling worse. Until you read in a book deal with the conflict right open, only to see a "family conflict, once publicly expressed, and was accepted as a natural phenomenon, its impact on children than most parents think is more healthy". When the family can handle conflict positive, children have the opportunity to learn how to face it, in order to avoid conflict would not produce extra friction, which is of high EQ training, this is really advanced skills in life on the road get. And if parents do not set an example, take the initiative to face and learn to resolve conflicts, the child will take our old road, do not have the ability to resolve conflicts will let the children everywhere retreat -相关的主题文章: