Softbank pepper robots will enter Chinese hailun Alibaba viper12a

Softbank Pepper robot will enter the Chinese Alibaba Tencent hailun technology news of Japan’s Softbank group had earlier launched Pepper robot to obtain external praise, according to the latest foreign media reports, the robot will be in the China sale, will be equipped with YunOS operating system of the Alibaba. Integrated a number of foreign media reports, the Alibaba group and Softbank group joint venture robotic company Alibaba robotic company, will be responsible for Pepper in China market business. Ali will be the first to provide the robot to domestic developers, so that they launch targeted services and functions for Chinese consumers and the market. Pepper will also be equipped with Alibaba to develop its own smartphone operating system YunOS. Although Ali is heavily invested in YunOS, but in China’s smart phones and tablet PC market, the impact is very weak, only a small number of weaker mobile phone manufacturers, equipped with this system. YunOS’s market share and Android, iOS is not on a level. It is reported that, based on the YunOS Pepper robot prototype products will be displayed at a recent conference in Hangzhou, Alibaba. Softbank group is a global market promotion of the other robot. According to the USA Today website reported on Thursday in the United States for Softbank some developers of Pepper robot roadshow. Softbank also hope to have more potential customers, consumers understand the robot. In the Japanese market, Softbank group has sold ten thousand Pepper robots, such as can introduce a variety of intelligent mobile phone products in retail stores and Softbank to customers, or introduce vehicle configuration to consumers in Nissan shops, but also in France, the robot has become a Carrefour supermarket shopping guide. In the area of Taiwan Chinese, this robot can also lead to the bank staff to do morning exercises. (Comprehensive dawn) recommendation: focus on "generation AI" micro signal (tencentAI), reply to "Standford", for "Stanford University report: artificial intelligence and life" 2030 Report Download link.相关的主题文章: