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.puters-and-Technology Business enterprises in their attempt to stand fast in the face of aggressive .petition make use of technology and its innovations. As customers also be.e aware of new technological development, there arises a demand for various applications. Since businesses are customer centric, the changing demands from the customers paves way for enterprises also looking forward to further development of new software applications. However, since every software has a lifecycle to cover, it is not possible to fast pace the development process. Hence to meet the ever changing demands of the customers, enterprises also look towards outsourcing of the softwares from the experts. Software development life cycle depicts the various stages and logical steps involved in creating, altering or customizing the set of programs so as to meet the requirements of the organization. By integrating people, process and technology it helps to reduce .plexities and enhance the productivity levels in the organization. The .plexities involved in the software development process starts from the initiation phase to analysis, design, implementation, maintenance and disposal. Leading service providers and IT giants have worked out SDLC solutions that will provide a structured process for all phases of software development. Such attempts will ensure that the organizations strategic goals met. Irrespective of the development process following a traditional or waterfall or agile methodology, the software development lifecycle solutions that provide a flexible workflow and configurable applications can be customized for every organization. The lifecycle process of the application with various developmental phases includes tools for the same. Thus the SDLC has tools that are needed for activities such as requirements management, test management, risk management and management of the IT project as a whole. However, the configuration management and build management functions of the application lifecycle management are carried out with the help of third party tools integrated through the service integration bus adaptors. However, SDLC being a web based solution, information exchange and team collaborations are through the web and corporate .works. The requirements management tool that can be optimized for each project takes data with the help of the requirements traceability matrix and multiple input capturing methods. Further, this provides enterprises a global platform for tracing implementations, administrative and configuration process irrespective of the location. In today’s global environment with development teams spread across geographical boundaries and offshore locations, such software development lifecycle solutions from leading service providers ensures delivery of high quality software. The proven framework with uniform methods, designs and operations results in better team collaborations, effective planning and control with increased productivity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: