South Korean film China kuangshuai movie ten years

South Korean film China kuangshuai movie ten years? Original title: [e weeks] to learn Korean movie story Author: flying this week, my circle of friends is "Busan" scraper. As a commercial film, although there is still flawed plot, but "Busan" is a success. It is said that there are more than 10 million people have seen the film, a lot of Chinese watching friends also issued a "kuangshuai movie China Korean movie ten years" speech. "M ," says ark, "a witty Korean actor! Should not follow and deliberately rendering effects, know how to seize the details in the human very period, and the depiction of. The limited space narrow, the weakness of human nature unlimitedly, few of them was very clever, like "snow country train" in the utopian thought, brilliant." Narrative @ Boyle said: "" Busan "very boldly made an Asian face customers attempt, and do not say first grade, the first to eat crab warriors, worthy of praise. You said that South Koreans are used in old routines, we are too lazy to use this routine. People here zombie gnawing pain, our own territory in his youth pain (probably abortion pain), who is to blame? Blame our mouth poison? Blame myself." Netizen entertainment unicorn is praised the narrative ability of Korean films, from a lot of South Korean film director who can see the type of Hollywood movie routines. But South Korea has always insisted that the director of the same criteria is to tell a qualified story. Although the story is simple, but the details of the whole story is rich, the details of the characters will be the sublimation of the whole story…… The same type of shooting film, Korean filmmakers know that the core is the story, the pursuit of special effects in the story of the basis, and the final footnote in society. What we lack most is the ability to tell stories." Korean films can really throw a few pieces of domestic films? Fat Luo very tangled, "Busan line" is not so perfect, not to mention the rejection of a few Chinese films. If only the zombie movie entertainment and action scenes wonderful good-looking, last century Hongkong filmmakers Lam Ching Ying the zombie film had thrown out of the "Busan line" classic "ATV a few blocks, I have an appointment with zombies" in writer’s extraordinary zombie world outlook and script philosophical, and rejection the "Busan" street. Not the Chinese filmmakers can not, but we left, others picked up, but also with the times, the completion of the Korean style reconstruction. This is the mystery of the rise of Korean film. In a sense, the "Busan line" for the zombie film subversion, is revolutionary. Action is slow, we are zombies in the zombie image of the basic impression, but the "Busan line" in the zombie, all fast with the Olympic sprinter. There are heroes, we are for the people impression about the zombies. But in the "Busan line", not a complete sense of the hero, even without a completely inhumanity villain. When the director is confident enough, only dare to shoot this zombie and no hot weapon against a bloody melee, to create a "new type of Asian zombie movie."." The film needs to go back to the most basic elements of Hao相关的主题文章: