South Korean prosecutors confirmed Cui Shunshi computer deposit of confidential government documents winflash

South Korean prosecutors confirmed: Cui Shunshi computer deposit of confidential government documents – Sohu news according to Yonhap reported that South Korean judicial authorities said 8 days, more than 200 copies of the file on the tablet computer prosecutors "presidential politics friends storm" Cui Shunshi used in the storage of the analysis found that most of the document is confidential in Chong Wa Dae and government departments before the formal public. Including President Park Geun hye’s speech, the Commission presidency handover for inter Korean non public contact content data, the Ministry of foreign affairs about the park overseas visit, the Council of state data file. The prosecution in the investigation of government departments, the Chong Wa Dae official writer, after the nuclear draft judgment, that document is a formal and informal document for approval procedures and other forms, through affiliated former Secretary Zheng Hucheng conveyed to Cui Shunshi. Prosecutors also learned from Zheng Hucheng’s cell phone recordings of the requirements of the Chinese government in order to convey confidential records of the relevant documents Cui Shunshi. Zheng Hucheng has said in an interview with the prosecution investigation, these confidential government information were transmitted to the command of Cui Shunshi park. At present, the prosecution is the achievement of the proportion of Zheng Zheng Cui Zheng Zheng Zheng degree of intensive investigation. Reported that, in view of park to some extent has admitted leaking containing diplomacy, national security and other sensitive content a lot of confidential government documents to Cui Shunshi, and to show that the national conversation will actively cooperate with the prosecution investigation, so prosecutors think it is necessary to confirm that Pu Jinhui will reveal the secret government documents to Cui Shunshi story and intentions. According to Yonhap reported that South Korean prosecutors on the 8 day of the headquarters of Samsung Electronics Department, in charge of outreach outreach President Park commercial town offices were raided. Samsung allegedly to Cui Shunshi and his daughter Jeong company to provide 2 million 800 thousand euros, or about RMB 20 million 950 thousand yuan for the financing of equestrian equestrian training. Samsung has also been suspected of being controlled by Cui Shunshi’s two funds invested 20 billion 400 million won, or about RMB 121 million 810 thousand yuan, the largest investment in the establishment of the foundation of the Korean funded enterprises in the largest of the 53.相关的主题文章: