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Home-and-Family The colors of the west make it easy to choose southwest decor for your home. Whether you want the soft tones of the desert and pueblo at dawn, the vibrant hues of a sunset over the mesa, or the healing colors associated with the kiva, you will certainly find exactly what you need when you use this decorating style for your home. Decor with a southwest theme is about both color and natural quality. Only elements of the earth and great outdoors seem to be appropriate here, so choosing materials that conform to this will carry through the southwest theme easily. As you add different design elements to your home, the casual, relaxed atmosphere everyone associates with the southwest will develop. Antler lamps or rawhide lamp shades which are wonderful accent details, will be.e a focal point and add to your decor theme. It is important not to introduce plastic or ultra-modern furniture or fixtures when decorating in this style. You will be delighted at how like a ranch house your home can seem by keeping everything natural. You will find everything you need in the rich collections of tapestries, rugs, pillows and bedspreads if you choose a southwest decor theme based on Native American heritage. Bring back the days of the pueblo by using the creativity of these indigenous people to develop the interior of your home. It is not necessary to clutter your rooms with any of these things. You will convey the southwest style simply by keeping the room open. When going with the Native American theme, be sure to include kokopelli and sun designs to give your home an authentic feel. A wonderful way to bring southwest decor to your home is by introducing the days of the cowboy and cattle round up. The spirit of the outdoors, the long trail, and nights around the campfire can be brought to any room with the choice of the proper furnishings and accent pieces. The time of rugged independence and the resourcefulness of the cowboy can be echoed in your very own home. Your home will radiate a spirit of relaxation and neighborliness by decorating with a cowboy theme. The faithful .panion of the trail, the horse, is a wise accent theme. The era of the cowboy .e alive when you decorate in a style that depicts reminders of the trail, longhorn cattle and wolves. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: