Speed and passion actress degeneration! The man was scared to the fans-pullip

"Speed and passion" actress degeneration! According to the fans of the fans Michelle degeneration and degeneration of the new film. Michelle in order to film the great sacrifice Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the show "speed and passion" series of film actress Michelle Rodriguez (Michelle Rodriguez), in the film the female man was vivid, off screen and little meat Chai J Ai Furlong. But recently she was in the online exposure of a self degeneration into a man’s photos, scared a lot of fans, but in fact, this is her sacrifice for the new film. Michelle for the new film "(Re) great sacrifice is" Assignment ", and then modified in the film, she degeneration" when playing male killer, so wrapped around the chest, sticky false beard and even posted false organs, "she drying out in the online photo degeneration", attracted a large number of users to discuss. But the most difficult thing in the film, she also had abnormal doctor degeneration, originally as a male killer Michelle, and in the film was modified into female killer, very hard. But Michelle had previously revealed very honored to take such avant-garde films, even online funny sun exposed armpit hair, very generous.相关的主题文章: