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"Spider Man" for the Internet from hundreds of crime — the rule of Law — people.com.cn original title: "Spider Man" for the Internet from hundreds of crime recently, the Guangzhou Baiyun police successfully arrested a repeated climbing theft "Spiderman" thief, suspects Weimou (male, 20 years old) has been arrested according to law punishment. It is understood that the suspect using two rental gap unarmed climb, pry anti-theft window burglary, without any tools, dozens of seconds will be able to climb the six or seven floor. It is reported that the suspect for a period of two years in the city of climbing a total of more than 30 burglary theft, burglary occurred more than 100 cases. Watch case: Crazy fleeing "Spider Man" since 2016, Baiyun District Wo Luo Gang Village spate pry security windows burglary, after receiving the report, Baiyun police attention, and strive to solve the case as soon as possible. Through a large number of visits, video series and analysis, Baiyun police quickly locked the suspect Wei (male, 20 years old), immediately developed a program to organize the implementation of police arrest. However, the suspect lanky a strong climbing ability, facing the police arrest is not had in the rented room jumped, trying to escape, several arrests eventually failed. Again Ambush: "Spider Man" end La Fawang in August 17th this year, 17 am, according to reports, a man suspicious appearance and movements in the Baiyun District Wo Street Luogang village a rental housing roof, the police realized that men may be several times before the escape of spider man". Police seized a number of times on the arrest of the experience, the immediate development of programs, organized police rushed to the scene. "Spider Man" found this into being rounded up, still unwilling to fight, in the number of house roof jumping back and forth, delusion as before to escape. However, although the suspect is vigorous, but ultimately could not escape the Baiyun police planted a rental arrested nets above and snares below, on the roof. Confessed: hundreds of crime is the Internet after the interrogation, the suspect Weimou confessed his two years in the city were climbing the theft of more than 30 building rental housing, the implementation of more than 100 burglary cases. At present, the suspects Weimou has been detention law, the case is under further investigation. In addition, according to police investigators, the suspect Wei has been sentenced to administrative detention for theft ten days before, but still do not know repentance, was arrested again. The reason is theft Weimou actually to play online games, buy equipment, most of the mobile phone, such as theft of stolen goods are a notebook computer with a few yuan price of stolen goods, stolen foot for a period of time after the Internet will close hand. The escape window unlocked in the climbing theft by two rental building space free climbing 60% network security, suspects will in general by a two house rental housing rental housing gap free climbing, small floor space between the favorable conditions for climbing. It is reported that the suspects Weimou without any tools, tens of seconds to climb six or seven floors, and then find the right window for crime. If the escape window is not locked, then directly into the room. If there is no escape window will open, anti-theft network into a hole. )相关的主题文章: