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Star Wars: Donnie Yen: we’re not playing soy sauce! Beijing – the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Hu Guangxin with the Hollywood movie pay more and more attention to the China market, Chinese actors participated in the Hollywood blockbuster is not new. The upcoming "Star Wars" movie series of the first independent outside the "Grand Theft Auto 1: Star Wars Episode", there are two China stars — Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen joined. It is worth mentioning that this is no longer China actor "sauce", but as Xifen role, which is the "Star Wars" movie series for the first time by the China starring actor. The film tells the story of the Milky Way empire after the establishment of a group of rebels stole the death star plans planning action. Donnie Yen plays the blind monk inkwin, Qilu? Jiang Wen as his good friend — weapons expert Baez Marr? Bath, they will Esuo? (Felici’s? Jones), Xi’an (Amdo card? Diego? Bruner diggs) rebel members together etc.. It is reported that the "rogue one" in December 16th will be released in North America, Chinese release time to be determined. Yesterday, a "rogue" held a press conference in Hongkong, Donnie Yen attended and spoke to the media. Not playing the role of soy sauce must be made by Oriental actors China actors participated in the Hollywood blockbuster is not new, but the scene is still relatively rare so heavy. Donnie Yen said: "every day I told the producer joke, don’t let us play soy sauce!" He said that this role is very solid: "not to find two well-known actors filling the scene, we do have a certain function in the film, must be played by the eastern actors." In the movie, Donnie Yen plays Wu Yi high strength blind monk inkwin, he was a force sensitive, rely on their own spiritual power to overcome the blindness. Speaking of the "Star Wars" with the cooperation, Donnie Yen think is natural ":" Star Wars "was influenced by the eastern elements of influence." "– the core concept of" Star Wars series, contains the Oriental world outlook. "Force" is a mysterious supernatural forces and ubiquitous, access to biological energy from it, and Chinese in traditional philosophy of "Tao" and "Qi" are the different approaches but equally satisfactory results. "Blind" the character set, or Donnie Yen to go with the director put it: "before shooting, I have been through telephone communication with the director. I think if the role of what is invisible, the color will be more." In addition to Donnie Yen, another Chinese actor is Jiang Wen. In 2011 two people in the movie "Kuan" in cooperation. This time, "Cao Cao" and "Guan Yu" from Hollywood to support each other in different places. Donnie Yen said: "for the first time took 5 months, second took two months, our character basically every game together, so the feeling is getting better and better, often communicate what to eat today like ah, we are very homesick." Foreigners need to have a series of pragmatic Chinese filmmakers team spirit of "Star Wars" is a science fiction film, and specializes in "hard work" Donnie Yen will bring what things to the movie? In the current release of the trailer, Donnie Yen dressed as a monk, holding a long"相关的主题文章: