Super Wednesday hot hit gold drama shock mode is about to open – Sohu spyair

Super Wednesday hot strikes gold Juzhen model is about to open – Sohu financing today (September 21st) is destined to be an extraordinary day, the Bank of Japan and the Federal Reserve will work together to stir the market, will inevitably lead to market volatility, in terms of gold, today can hold three thousand mark, the formation of a new round of rising prices or break 1003, open further callback, or in the answer today. Wednesday is the conventional API and EIA crude oil inventory data released by the day, the morning already announced API inventory of crude oil inventories unexpectedly fell sharply, oil morning has hit the 45 mark, and last night, the old Xie gold recommended in 42.70-42.50 multi line single also let us earn pours, this evening for EIA crude oil inventories could continue good let us wait and see! Following a slight rebound on Tuesday after Monday to continue to have a higher trend, but unfortunately, the more close to the time limit of the meeting, the more confused the market. The frequent burst of September hike remarks, whether deliberately or not really Weakness lends wings to rumours. all we can do is keep, Qiuwen mentality, before the announcement to short positions, after all, the current market volatility is not large, if the old Xie today before the appropriate U.S. chance and you will immediately notify the. Yesterday, also through the perspective of social systems to give you a simple general election campaign. Interest rate hike or not to raise interest rates, in Yellen seems to be an economic problem. In the United States presidential candidate Trump seems to be a political issue. The political economy in capitalist countries is not the separation of the. There is no doubt that the Fed’s interest rate decision is global, even if the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank’s decision to play a partial offset, but no one can ignore the Fed’s energy. Through recent Federal Reserve officials to speak and speak on Thursday, there are two possibilities: plus interest to 7:3 to win, or to maintain the faction to win 6:4. Some of the ambiguous attitude of the swing or become a decisive factor. In December last year after the first rate hike, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates this year will be four times, but the U.S. domestic and overseas economic conditions, interest rate hike is delayed, the Fed is facing a credibility crisis. Even last month, Fed chairman Yellen and vice president Fischer also hinted that the Fed may raise interest rates two times this year. Therefore, the probability of these two days in September to raise interest rates have been raised, and after the meeting, the Fed will announce a new lattice, the current majority of agencies believe that the Fed may raise interest rates by the end of the year by 25 basis points. This seems to be in the market, means that the Fed will be in December, rather than November rate hike. In other words, the Fed will wait until after the u.s.. It appears in Trump, is a political drama. Trump said earlier that the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen will keep borrowing costs low, creating a false prosperity. And the Fed is doing so to help U.S. President Obama in power. I remember before a few months earlier in a gold rating mentioned in the news about Trump, he said that if he really talk a lot of nonsense being president of the United States. The first thing is to replace Yellen……. True or false, you can see that Trump is not like Yellen, but jesus.相关的主题文章: