Surprise Success For Canadas

Movies-TV For those of you, like me, hooked on the Canadian TV Series Flashpoint, the success of the police procedural series is no surprise, but CBS, who started to show the series in July 2008 in the USA as a summer filler, did not initially hold out much hope for it. Canadian series do not traditionally do well when shown in the USA but Flashpoint, with its strong cast, gripping characters and tension-filled plots has done so well that CBS went ahead and bought an 18 episode second season not long after the first few episodes had aired. The show started off as a suggested plot for a one-off two hour TV film, provisionally titled "Sniper" but CTV was impressed enough to turn it into a series and "Sniper" became "Flashpoint". Most of the cast is Canadian, including the lead, Enrico Colantoni (Sgt. Greg Parker) who famously played Keith Mars in "Veronica Mars". He took a special interest in the role as his brother had been a Canadian police officer in Toronto for 30 years! Although the city where the action takes place is not named, filming is done in Toronto and it is generally assumed that is where the series is set. The only non-Canadian actor in the cast is Amy Jo Johnson, who is American, and a talented singer as well as a fine actress. Amy Jo, who plays "Jules Callahan", has had her song "Dancing In-Between", which was released as a single, played in the background of "Flashpoint" and had also sung in one of her previous roles in "Felicity". Amy Jo was pregnant during the filming of the first season which led to her character being written out of the show for a few weeks after having been ‘shot’. Much of the romantic action in the series revolves around Jules’s on/off relationship with the newest member of the team, Sam Braddock. Hugh Dillon, who plays second in .mand "Ed Lane" in the series is also an ac.plished singer and musician. As lead singer of the most .mercially successful Canadian band of the 1990s, "The Headstones", Hugh has also had a song of his, "Lost At Sea", played on "Flashpoint." Gripping music has played a major part in the success of this fine show, and the artists featured are generally less well-known but the songs’ lyrics fit perfectly into the action on the screen. The show doesn’t stick to the tired old routine of many other cop shows and the action sequences, .bined with the very strong cast and excellent believable story-lines should make "Flashpoint" a long-running success for the Canadian TV .work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: