Table of the earthquake in the South more than 12 of household electricity, nuclear power plant unit-9c8950

Taiwan earthquake in southern 12 million households power nuclear power plant 2 unit is not affected by Beijing 2 6, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, Gaoxiong this morning 3 57 magnitude 6.4 earthquake, as of the morning of 5 30’s preliminary statistics, Taiwan area 69 feeder blackout, influence about 12 million 1672 users, Ta O also has a 467 blackout, the third nuclear power plant 2 machine normal operation is not affected. Strong earthquake occurred in Taiwan area in the early morning, and the area of Tainan was seriously affected. As early as 5:30 in the morning, the power station made a preliminary statistics, and the last substation in Nanshan was completely stopped, and the two substation in the whole field stopped. South Park normal power supply. No. 2 unit in Kaohsiung Jiading District of Xingda power plant jump machine, three nuclear plant 2 machine normal operation is not affected. At present, there are 69 feeder feeders in Tainan area, which affect about 121 thousand and 672, and Ta O also has 467 power outages. The local Tainan district has established a contingency group. In the detailed statistics of power failure, the power station has sent personnel to rush repair and transfer, and other areas have normal power supply. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

台地震南部12万余户停电 核电厂2机组未受影响   中新网2月6日电 据台湾“中央社”报道,台湾高雄今天凌晨3时57分发生规模6.4地震,台电截至上午5时30分初步统计,台南地区有69条馈线停电中,影响约12万1672户,另高雄也有467户停电,核三厂2部机正常运转未受影响。   台湾地区今天凌晨发生强震,台南市地区受灾严重,台电截至上午5时30分初步统计,台南山上一次变电所全停,隆田二次变电所全停。南科园区正常供电。   位于高雄茄萣区的兴达发电厂2号机跳机,核三厂2部机正常运转未受影响。   目前台南地区有69条馈线停电中,影响约12万1672户,另高雄也有467户停电中,当地台南区处已成立应变小组,详细停电资料统计中,台电已派员抢修转供,其他地区供电正常。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: