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Taiwan media: seven wonderful move brick 500 thousand annual salary paid occupation of London Stock Market Center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant picture: Dubai street car media: wonderful world seven London bricks 500 thousand annual salary paid occupation Reference News Network February 26th Taiwan media reported that the media finishing the world’s 7 largest paid occupation, there are a lot of work, in the traditional impression and paid almost cannot connect, but is now very popular in foreign countries. According to the Taiwan news network reported on February 25th, which is exactly the 7 occupation? They are moving bricks to London, going to Tokyo subway, pushing people, going to Switzerland as salesmen, picking up garbage in Dubai, going to places where most of the fat people run, going to Ukraine to work, picking fruits in Australia and New Zealand, etc.. 1. go to London to move bricks: London enterprises, is currently recruiting Portuguese masons, offer weekly 1000 pounds (about 9129 yuan), the conversion of a monthly salary of about 40 thousand, annual salary is 500 thousand. 2. go to the Tokyo subway to help push: Tokyo subway traffic is very alarming, past the so-called "Metro promoter" belongs to part time, but now has been promoted as a principal, if there is a big effort can be considered a friend. 3. go to Switzerland as a salesman: Switzerland’s national income is the best in the world, the average monthly salary of 33 thousand yuan, even in the local low-income sales staff, monthly income has more than 20 thousand. 4. to Dubai garbage: there is a saying that "money is capricious", in Dubai do not throw things, even Ferrari can be lost in the street. 5. accompany most fat people to accompany the running: now the rise of fitness activities, if you can run fitness, while you can earn money, this is two birds. At present, this emerging industry has started. 6. go to Ukraine work: mention Ukraine, many people will think of a lot of local beauty, and so to go to work, not for salary, but can marry a beautiful wife. 7. to Australia, New Zealand fruit picking: in this can pick and eat, there have been mainland girls to work here, 9 months earned RMB 120 thousand yuan. Editor in chief: Wang Yongsheng SF153

台媒:世界七大奇葩高薪职业 伦敦搬砖年薪50万 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情 资料图片:迪拜街头豪车   台媒:世界七大奇葩高薪职业 伦敦搬砖年薪50万   参考消息网2月26日报道 台媒称,有媒体整理了世界7大高薪职业,有不少工作的内容,在传统印象内和高薪几乎无法相互连结,但在国外现在却是十分热门。   据台湾东森新闻网2月25日报道,究竟是哪7大职业呢?分别是去伦敦搬砖、去东京地铁帮忙推人、去瑞士做售货员、去迪拜捡垃圾、去胖子最多的地方陪跑步、去乌克兰工作和去澳洲、新西兰摘水果等。   1. 去伦敦搬砖:英国伦敦的企业,目前正在葡萄牙招募泥瓦工,开出的条件是周薪1000英镑(约合人民币9129元),换算月薪约4万,年薪更是50万。   2. 去东京地铁帮忙推人:东京地铁的客流量十分惊人,过往有所谓“地铁推手”还属于兼职性质,目前却已经晋升成正职,如果有力气大的朋友可以考虑。   3. 去瑞士做售货员:瑞士的国民所得在全球是名列前茅,平均月薪达3.3万元人民币,即便在当地属于低薪的销售人员,月收入也有2万以上。   4. 去杜拜捡垃圾:有句话说“有钱就是任性”,在迪拜不要的东西就乱丢,还有人连法拉利都可以丢在大街上。   5. 陪胖子最多的地方陪跑步:现在兴起健身活动,如果可以一边跑步健身、一边还能赚钱,这可是一举两得。目前这项新兴行业已经开始起步了。   6. 去乌克兰工作:提到乌克兰,许多人会联想到当地美女众多,也因此去这工作不是为了薪水,而是可以娶个美女老婆。   7. 去澳洲、纽西兰摘水果:在这可以边摘边吃,先前曾有大陆女生到这打工,9个月就赚了人民币12万元。 责任编辑:王永生 SF153相关的主题文章: