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Take Taiwan for Southeast Asia "shoe town" of Fujian Chen Tai Beijing – Beijing, September 23 Jinjiang Xinhua (reporter Sun Hong) "based on a high starting point, high standard construction and modern management of international footwear Textile City, upstream of Taiwan to undertake the design, production capacity is extended to the Southeast Asian region, transition Jinjiang help from" Chinese shoes "to" world shoe ‘upgrade." 23, Fujian Jinjiang City, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Jinjiang Chendai international footwear Textile City Project Office Deputy Director Xu Zhuoyun says. Xu said Zhuoyun mouth "international footwear Textile City", located in China "shoe town Jinjiang Chendai Town, here has more than 5 thousand large and small shoe related enterprises, the total output value of 2015 Chendai shoe spinning industry for more than 30 billion yuan. However, due to the restriction of early planning, market management, traffic adverse factors, Chen Tai industry has gradually exposed shoe spinning weakness". Jinjiang Jiayi Textile Co. Ltd. is responsible for Deng Wenfu view, the new trend of shoes business is facing new spinning demand, the challenge of the market, this is not as good as in previous years, is the urgent need for transformation and upgrading of the industry, the full integration of the potential need for industrial chain of footwear textile industry. In February 2014, after a comprehensive, in-depth market research and demonstration, Jinjiang international shoes spinning City officially started. The total planning area of 7900 mu, the professional market covers an area of 2200 acres of professional shoe textile market complex, wholly owned by Jinjiang, Chen Dai invested in the construction of the two levels of government, is the best answer for Jinjiang Textile Industry Bureau of broken shoes". Taiwan and Jinjiang across the water, is the ancient "maritime Silk Road" is an important starting point. Taiwan is one of the most developed world footwear technology areas, especially in the developed world famous shoe industry; Jinjiang shoe industry scale, complete industrial chain, the two are highly complementary and close cooperation. In recent years, Jinjiang actively integrate into the The Belt and Road ", and vigorously promote the internationalization strategy, speeding up the sports city construction, expand open and win-win. "Our goal is to build the scale of Chinese and the Asia Pacific region’s largest and most complete variety of products, the new level of billions of raw materials market, the distribution of integration, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, and the formation of industrial agglomeration effect, production capacity will be extended to Southeast Asia, global radiation." Xu told reporters that at present, the city is positive to Taiwan, Southeast Asia, in the preliminary planning of the project is also involved in the design of Taiwan. He believes that the "Taiwan leading the shoes and garment industry in the Asia Pacific region, in the past 20 years is now the design concept, Taiwan footwear production in Jinjiang, especially the continuation and sublimation of spinning shoes." In Jinjiang in late September, the first opening of the international footwear Textile City signed a contract, nearly 200 domestic and foreign footwear industry merchants contracted over RMB 500 million yuan. Engaged in the business of Wang Xue buckle and other accessories is one of them, "we in the morning flight from Hebei to Jinjiang, bought 3 shops, took a fancy to the Jinjiang shoe industry advantages and market prospects." "Here together with raw materials, shoes shoes machine and shoes and apparel industry related industries, can be through the integration of upstream and downstream industry, is expected to make industrial capital)相关的主题文章: