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"Tallo" Xining Tibetan story ahead of the point mapping to the whole world – Sohu "Tallo" roadshow entertainment poster [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news director Van Mar Caidan’s fifth film "Tallo" Tibetan coming in December 9th in the "limited release". Recently, "Tallo" will be held in November 18th to start ahead of the point mapping in the northwestern city of Xining, Lanzhou, Lhasa three. Director Van Mar Caidan story to the world opened in Xining Tibetan compatriots tribute "Tallo" is the domestic cinema rare Tibetan region as the background, the plot pieces of whole Tibetan film, film adaptation of director Van Mar Caidan’s short story of the same name, tells the story of a lonely shepherd Tallo, in the process of twists and turns for identity cards, encounter love, eventually broken dreams the story. As the leading Tibetan writer and director, Van Mar Caidan has started with Tibetan and Chinese published short stories more than 40 papers from 1991, the more than 20 papers, both literature and film creation, showing amazing talent, not only is the "chapter just" prize winner, was also nominated for the Venice Film Festival horizon competition. In the domestic and international award-winning, humanities and customs will be in, show more audiences around the world. His writing is always around his hometown and nation, and his vision is always in the ordinary Tibetan grassroots. The first choice ahead of the point mapping in "sea throat" of the Xining opening, but also because the director strong "nostalgia", long history and culture and richly endowed by nature natural resources, creating a bright and colorful customs, as a multi-ethnic, multi culture has deeply influenced the director Van Mar Caidan and his works. The head has small plait "Tallo" acting live straight to the heart of Northwest point collection "Tallo" in the Tibetan language in the "escape", this is a head with a small plait, rarely dealing with middle-aged shepherd, who played the west is known to enjoy fuck the famous Tibetan the comedian, poet, director, nearly twenty years writing novels, poetry, drama, photography, comedy, storytelling and other more than 2 thousand papers (first, Department). A play with West Germany fuck the actress Yang Xiucuo, is a famous Tibetan singer at the age of 14, when he was director Van Mar Caidan selected to participate in the filming of "quiet Mani stone", with a wide range and powerful voice won many audience favorite. Two people in the still waters run deep scenes, seemingly calm appearance, strong surging, look very enjoyable. "Tallo" is also the director of Van Mar Caidan’s work was first extended to domestic theaters. The production cost is only 2 million of the film, carefully design director, showing the unique style of aesthetics, it is valuable not stay in Tibetan show scenery, but on a traditional Tibetan civilization variation and lost in the context of modernization. "Limited release" issue is to let the audience the expectation value of the film straight up, at present, "Tallo" roadshow is in preparation for the November 18th wildly beating gongs and drums, the film will take the lead in Xining ahead of the point mapping. By then, the director Van Mar Caidan will come.相关的主题文章: