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Tan Jing sing the "flying arrow" to celebrate the successful launch of the long march five Tan Jing sing the "flying arrow" Qing Long March five successful launch of Tan Jing Tan Jing "passionate singing" flying arrow "flying arrow" line > > > Tan Jing Remix "flying arrow" Sina entertainment news November 3, 2016 China, a new generation of large carrier rocket Long March "Five" the successful launch in Hainan Wenchang. At the meeting, sung by Tan Jing for the big rocket song "flying arrow" resounded through the hall, the first cause of aerospace workers emotional resonance. It is understood that this is the first to write from the perspective of space dream song. "Long five" is China’s largest thrust of the new generation of carrier rockets, will directly serve China’s manned space station project, three lunar exploration project and Mars exploration project has milepost significance in aerospace engineering. The first successful flight of large rockets, marking China’s space into a new era. "Flying arrow" by the noun [micro-blog] writer Wang Pingjiu penned lyrics. He said that the song broke the previous theme of the expression of the song, the lyrics more from the singer’s inner feelings, to share this major scientific and technological events to bring people inner agitation. "Flying arrow" in the arrangement and production of the more international rock music, the atmosphere appears to be fashion. "Flying arrow" singer Tan Jing and the science of fate a lot. She is not only a good young singer, but also the wife of a scientist. Tan Jing said that as a member of the family of science and technology workers, overwhelmed by singing for her to have a special meaning. She hoped that through their own songs, to the tireless space people, to express the most sincere greetings and respect. At the meeting, Tan Jing shows the rock concert sound in the hitherto unknown, led the whole space to sing this song song of glory. (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: